Android App To Optimize Your Images For Instagram: Insta Square Maker

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Insta Square Maker is a free app for Android devices that allows you to automatically optimize your images for Instagram. If you are an avid user of the popular image sharing website Instagram, you will be aware that Instagram requires you to crop out the images that you upload to a square-esque shape, which may be a big annoyance for many people because not only does the image look aesthetically unappealing to the eye when cropped out in a blatantly square shape, but you also lose a considerable portion of your image when you crop it out to a square shape.

Insta Square Maker gives a workaround to this problem by allowing you to add frames around your (rectangular) image so that you don’t have to crop out your image to upload it to Instagram. The app intelligently adds frames (of your color choice) around your image to convert your rectangular image into a square image! How cool is that!!!

Insta Square Maker has a ton of frame colors and effects that can be applied to your image to make it square shaped without you having to actually crop out anything from your image, and at the same time while making your image square shaped, it makes your image look even cooler! Insta Square Maker is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Insta Square Maker

Features of the Insta Square Maker App for Android…

When you launch the app, you can either choose an image from your Android device’s Gallery, or you can open up the Settings window of the app to configure the various settings.

Main Window

Let’s quickly open up an image and see how the app really works. Below, I have opened up an image for making it fit for being uploaded to Instagram. As you can see, my image is a rectangular one.

Image opened for editing

As you can see, the app has applied a purple frame around my image by studying my image’s color and automatically adjusting the color to apply the best possible tone of color. Suppose I don’t want the purple color frame, I can change this by clicking the paint bucket icon at the top-right corner of the screen (next to the rotate button), and select a color of my choice. I have selected black color in the below screenshot.

Black frame

Now you can save this image by clicking on the save button at the bottom. You can also share this image via bluetooth, or upload it directly to Instagram (if you have the Instagram app for Android installed on your device) via the share button’s context menu. The share button is present right next to the save (floppy) button.

Apart from these features, you can adjust the position of the image as well (from the buttons at the top-left corner), or you can rotate the image as well (rotate button is present at the top-right screen corner).

This is all that you need to get started with using the Insta Square Maker app on your Android device.

What I like about this app…

  • Easily converts any image to a square shaped image for uploading to Instagram without resizing it.
  • Option to rotate the image, adjust the color of the frame.
  • Edited image can be easily saved and shared.

What I don’t like…

  • The app has ads.

The verdict…

Insta Square Maker is a great app to be had on your Android device if you are looking for an app that automatically shapes your image so that it becomes fit to be uploaded to Instagram, without you having to crop out your image!

Get Insta Square Maker for your Android device.

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