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VueMinder Calendar Lite is a free desktop calendar that lets you track all the reminders and events. I was really attracted to VueMinder Calendar free because of the way it integrates with desktop. It shows as a transparent layer on your desktop so that you are always able to quickly glance at all your tasks and appointments.

VueMinder Calendar also comes with some really strong features like integration with Outlook and Google Calendar. However, sadly, these features are available in paid version of VueMinder Calendar Lite only. And free version of VueMinder Calendar Lite is quite stripped down. But it still has some decent features that make it a worthy contender in free calendar software arena (which has some really strong contenders like Rainlendar, Family Calendar, Cozi, and desktop Google calendar).

Here are some of the features of VueMinder Calendar Free version:

Integration with Desktop: As I said earlier, this is the feature that really attracted me to this free desktop calendar. You can adjust its position and transparency on desktop, and ensure that you never miss an appointment. It also lets you view multiple calendars in layers.


Subcribe to Shared Calendars: You can subscribe to calendars of other users that have been shared. These shared calendars could be on local network, or even on web. Then you can see availability of those people through your calendar quickly.

Add Common Public Calendars: VueMinder Calendar Lite also lets you add common public calendars to your calendar. For example, you can add public holiday calendar to your calendar to keep track of all the upcoming holidays.

Sync your calendar with Google Calendar: Free version of VueMinder Calendar provides one way sync between Google Calendar and your calendar. This is useful if you are already using Google calendar, and want to migrate to VueMinder Calendar Lite. In that case, VueMinder Calendar Lite can copy all your existing events from Google Calendar.

Import and Export Calendar:  VueMinder Calendar Lite lets you import any calendar from .ICS file. This is a standard file format that is used by most of the calendar software. Similarly, you can also export your VueMinder Calendar to .ICS file, in case you want to import that to some other calendar software.

Easily Print Calendar: VueMinder Calendar Lite makes it very easy to print your calendar. You can print daily, weekly, and monthly layout.

Backup Calendar Data: VueMinder Calendar free version also lets you backup your calendar data, so that your information is safe in case of some problem with your computer.

Reminder Alerts: One of the most important piece of functionality of any calendar software is how effective it is in showing reminders. This free calendar software does a pretty good job at that. You can setup simple pop up alerts for reminders, and even desktop reminders. It can even play music or video files in the reminder.

Create Events: VueMinder Calendar Lite lets you easily create events. It provides full featured event editor in which you can add text as well as HTML. Apart from that, you can also assign categories to events, and change appearance of events on calendar.

Mark Events as Completed: A unique feature of VueMinder Calendar Lite is that it lets you mark events that you have completed. This makes it an efficient task manager as well. You can even hide events that have been completed, so that your calendar is not overwhelmed.

Download VueMinder Calendar Lite free.

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