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Avant Browser is a free web browser to browse the web. It is an ad-free web browser that blocks ads online making it a fast web browser. Avant Browser is fast and user friendly.

Avant Browser is available as an absolutely free web browser with no hidden cost and no annoying ads because it is an ad-free web browser. The fast web browser comes with ad and pop up blocker, which blocks ads online and all the pop up windows so that you don’t get disturbed with unwanted ads when you browse the web.

For another fast web browser, you should look at Google Chrome.

Avant Browser

Features of Avant Browser:

Multi-Processing: Multi-processing makes your task simple and lightning fast in this fast web browser. In event of crashing of any one tab of the free web browser, it doesn’t close the whole window thus, not hampering your work in progress.

Avant Browser is a reliable free web browser that doesn’t freeze the web window or pull off other pages. The ad-free web browser has anti freezing technique that is designed with technology to avoid the effects of using too much Ajax technology, making your browsing fluent and creating a fast web browser.

Private Browsing: When you browse the web in private mode with Avant Browser, it does not keep any of the web data stored in your PC, if in case you share your PC with someone else. This prevents people knowing what you have been up to and saves your privacy when you browse the web.

RSS Reader: You easily switch to RSS view with outlook headline in Avant Browser. The ad-free web browser also alerts you in time of any new feed.

Flash Animation Filter: In case of slow page uploading, Avant Browser has a unique feature to reduce size of pages to 85% by filtering flash animations in the page. These flash files cover at least 90% of the page load, when this gets filtered into JPEG form, your pages become light weight for your connection.

Avant Browser also blocks downloading of pictures, videos and ActiveX components making your connection bandwidth pretty fast for you when you use this fast web browser.

The above mentioned feature list for this ad-free web browser is not complete yet. Multi- processing helps Avant Browser to use minimum CPU usage hence making if a fast web browser for users. Moreover, you need worry about memory leakage anymore with this fast and secure free web browser.

Avant Browser has all the important components like web auto fillers to memorize and keep your passwords safe, online bookmarks and mouse gestures feature where you can draw command line as not to use mouse as well as its ability to block ads online.

For another free web browser, you should look at Firefox, Opera and Flock.

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