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e-StockCard is a free inventory management software that is designed for business companies to manage and track inventory system effectively and effortlessly. The application does not only manages inventory but also helps you to manage your warehouse inventory control through Bin Management and detail Lot/Serial No. traceability. eStockCard is easy to use and does not require much time, and you can save your inventory management time for better business purposes.

eStockCard free inventory management software primarily focuses on inventory management and gives you such features so that you can keep proper track record of the inventory movement. For any successful business it is required that you should keep an eye over the sales and purchases, your income and business profits rely more on this info. E-StockCard gives you better control over inventory operations and gives you assurance of better stock accessibility.

eStockCard is capable to manage your incoming and out going stocks with its key inventory control features. You can also read about free business management suite that we reviewed earlier Zoho CRM and EBI Neutrino CRM.


To manage incoming stocks eStockCard allows you to:

  • easily record stocks
  • you can view item display image
  • suggest and display storage racking
  • gets prints of barcode label for inventory tracking
  • flexible to change screen layout & fields
  • You can add item display image for better recognition of inventory
  • Built-in FIFO control system
  • Track shelf life of inventory items
  • Verify item with barcode scanning
  • Customize and add custom fields

To manage outgoing stocks eStockCard allows you to: Cycle Count / Stock Check

Conducting cycle counting periodically keeps your stock accuracy in place.

eStockCard built-in Pareto Analysis (80/20 Rule) in Cycle Counting process helps you check and verify critical items whenever necessary. Your inventories are always in control. Among other suggested articles for your business needs is ABC Roster which will help you schedule shifts for your employees.

eStockCard has complete set of tools that allow you to set locations and barcodes library so that you can customize the inventory control features for better business purposes. You can add information about your suppliers and customers in the application to keep track of sales and purchases made by you and keep track of the defects and returns in the stock. The application assures you that the stock valuation done for the accounts by you are accurate and reliable.

The screen layout of eStockCard is customizable and you can tailor make it as per your requirement. You can add fields to the application interface and customize the same to suit your preference. If you need free accounting suites for your business, you can use NolaPro, OutRight, and GNUCash.

With this useful application, eStockCard you can also add item image in your inventory management database. eStockCard helps you to design and print barcode labels that you can use to categorize your inventory stock items. After you plug-in the barcode scanner into your computer, you can start scanning those printed barcodes during IN / OUT operation.

The free edition of inventory management software offers:

  1. Limited to 100 Codes (80 Items + 10 Suppliers + 10 Customers)
  2. Limited to 100 Locations
  3. Limited to 1 Company Profile

eStockCard is a great free application for managing inventory for your business. eStockCard is professional and easy to use. It will let you keep check on your inventory, so that you can run your business in the best possible way.

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Works With: Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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