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This tutorial is all about how to make Windows 10 PC look like Mac OS X. If you love the appearance of Mac OS X and want the same for your Windows 10 PC, then here is a free Mac OS X theme “Mac OS X Yosemite Theme” for Windows 10. If you only want to get a touch or feel of Mac on your Windows 10 PC, then applying this theme would be the best way to do so. This theme changes the entire appearance of you PC and makes it look absolutely stunning. It changes the desktop wallpaper, folder icons, taskbar, title bar, etc. The best feature of this theme is that it provides native Mac OS X “Dock” on your Windows 10 PC.

Some of you might get bored of using default themes in Windows 10 and want some cool and stunning looks for your PC, then try “Mac OS X Yosemite Theme” for once. The following image shows the changed desktop after installing this theme.


I will explain the procedure of installing this “Mac OS X Yosemite Theme” step by step and what changes it does to your Windows 10 PC below.

Note: This software will modify some system files. So, proceed at your own risk :)

How to Download and Install “Mac OS X Yosemite Theme” in Windows 10 PC:

  • Download and install “UxStyle” from the link here. It allows you to install third-party custom themes in Windows 10 PC. If you want to know more about this software “UxStyle”, then go through this post.
  • After installing “UxStyle”, simply download Yosemite Transformations Pack from the link here.
  • Extract the file and install Yosemite Transformation Pack in Your PC.
  • Restart your computer when prompted. After restarting the PC, it will ask for updating some system files, simply select ok and again restart your PC.
  • Now, you will be able to see the appearance of Windows 10 PC changed into “Mac OS X Yosemite Theme”. By default, the “Dock” will be at the bottom of your Windows screen.
  • In case you want to restore the default appearance of Windows 10 then simply uninstall the Yosemite Transformation Pack from Control Panel and restart your PC.

What Changes You Will be Able to See in Windows 10 After Installing “Yosemite Transformation Pack”:

Desktop of Windows 10 Looks Like Mac OS X Desktop:

After installing this theme, it changes the appearance of your desktop and makes it look like Mac OS X desktop. It changes the folder icons and wallpaper of your desktop. You will also see the taskbar has some shadow and transparency effects after installing this theme. My favorite feature of this theme is the customizable “Dock” in the desktop. You can see the new desktop with the “Dock”, changed folder icons and wallpaper in the above screenshot.

Native Mac OS X “Dock” on the Desktop of Windows 10:

The most interesting thing that “Mac OS X Yosemite Theme” provides is the “Dock”. The native Mac OS X “Dock” feature provides  easy navigation of files and folders. Align the dock on top, bottom, right, or left side on the screen and also add different files, folders, icons, etc. The dock is totally customizable, which you can hide when not required by selecting “Auto-Hide” option. Drag and Drop different files and folders in the dock for repositioning them or else if you wish to keep any item stable in the dock then lock the item permanently on the same position. You can add multiple files and folders and browse them directly from the dock. The following screenshot shows the “Dock” with different options.


Windows 10 File Explorer Look Like Mac OS X:

“Mac OS X Yosemite Theme” for Windows 10 changes the appearance of File Explorer by changing folder icons, Window buttons, Title bar, etc. This makes Windows 10 File Explorer look exactly like Mac OS X. The below screenshot shows the changed File Explorer after installing this theme.

file explorer

Personally, I like the appearance of File Explorer in my Windows 10 PC after installing this Mac OS X theme.

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My Final Verdict:

This Mac OS X theme for Windows 10 PC is quite stunning which makes your PC interface visually appealing. The procedure of installing “Mac OS X Yosemite Theme” in your Windows 10 PC is a bit time consuming, but the outcome is pretty cool. It changes the whole appearance of your PC’s interface into Mac OS X interface with new folder icons, Title bar, Windows button, etc. The “Dock” feature is also very useful for browsing different files and folders with ease.

Get Yosemite Transformation Pack from here.

Editor Ratings:
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