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WorkFu is an online service which allows those who are searching for work, and those in search of workers to more easily find each other. The connections made on WorkFu are not random, they will be carefully calculated based on information from your Twitter account, which you need to have in order to connect with this free online job search site.

WorkFu default image

This is the default WorkFu profile, where the workers information is displayed, at least parts of it. At the top there will be a picture of you, with basic information about what you are capable of doing displayed. Going down to the bottom you can find more detailed information with actual skills, an extended biography and even other social networks that the person is using. These days social networks have become an important part of job application, WorkFu offers employers the ability to search for workers based mainly on that, their social interaction.

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Connect your Twitter account and look for work

Don’t get me wrong, giving potential employers overview of your Twitter is not something which will reveal anymore information than necessary. As a serious website, WorkFu will not impose on your privacy. You can give Twitter access to WorkFu without sharing your password, the usual way:

WorkFu Twitter connect account

See on the image above what will exactly be shared, it might seem much, but it will also make it easier for you because you won’t have to fill out the entire WorkFu profile, some of it will be automatically filled with Twitter info.

Social job search, freelance work and more

What WorkFu offers can be called as a social freelance job search, majority of applicants there are freelancers, which can do various different work which range from:

  • Design – web, application, user interface
  • Programming – PHP, Java, JavaScript, C++ and more
  • Teaching jobs – find people willing to teach you new skills
  • Online services – application installation help, configuration

These are not the only job types that are available on WorkFu, don’t think that if you are not internet savvy that there’s nothing for you available on this free online job search service. It’s possible to find full-time work, and even find entire new careers, there’s all kinds of work available, visit WorkFu and see for yourself.

How does WorkFu find us jobs how does it work?

Jobs on WorkFu are called opportunities, that’s what jobs basically are. When you connect your Twitter account with WorkFu it will analyze your Twitter account search through your Tweets, and other personal information in order to make a better image of what your skills, and interests would be. Once it does that WorkFu will start displaying jobs which are suited for you, your skills are measured with FuScore:

WorkFu FuScore looks

Think of it as your rating, which is calculated after you’ve filled out your WorkFu profile.


Finding work in these problematic economic times is never an easy thing to do. With WorkFu you can find work more easily, and you can even take care of the social network profile overview out of the way, which is becoming very important these days. Try WorkFu for free.

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