5 Websites to Search jobs in US

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Here are 5 websites to search jobs in US. These websites aim at providing a range of services that are useful for every job seeker. These websites are free to use and offer various services to both employers and job seekers. Let’s look at these websites.



Monster.com is a well-known and very popular website that offers you wide of services for searching jobs in US. The website has global presence and not only in US, it creates platform for numerous employers and job seekers and enable them to find their best suit. The website offers various services to both employers and job seekers.

The website serves you when you need better career prospects and want a job that suits your profile. The website has powerful resources that let you create effective resume for your job application, an attractive resume improves your chances of getting interview calls and rest is upon the candidate. The website aims at providing a range of service that are useful for every job seeker. Since everyone needs a better job with growth prospects, monster.com provides you better platform where you can find jobs not only in US but all over the world. It creates opportunities for job hunters for searching their prospective employers online. Search jobs online with this website.

The website has employer database from almost all the leading companies and brands. There are numerous employers in the website that have registered themselves as prospective employers and you get better opportunities to apply for your dream job. Search hundreds of jobs online, build and post your resume with leading companies and access to pages that gives you tips and advice for better job prospects and career info. Thus this website is a comprehensive tool set that offers platform to right job for right candidate purpose.

You just have to create an account with this website and you can access to number of features offered by this website. Browse jobs daily and save your searches so that you need not search for same job profile again. Yu can also save your apply history. This feature will enable you to recall as where you applied and at what date.

You can also check out free iPad apps for searching jobs.


indeed US

Indeed is a job search engine that lets you search jobs all over world. The website aims to provide you a job search engine. There are hundreds of jobs that get listed in a day and you get a wide variety of company profiles for your comprehensive job search. You can also post your resume with the website, so that prospective employers in search of candidates like you can find you instantly.

To use this website you have to register yourself. The registration process is very important for your employers, as they will be able to understand you better with your profile info. You can also access to number of company info before applying for the job. The company profile will help you understand the company prospects and how it will contribute to your career and job profile.

The website has given a resource for free of cost to access to hundreds of jobs online from thousands of companies and job boards. This job search engine is Google for job seekers. All you have to do is mention keywords for job title and your preferred location. The website is simple to use and you can search for number of jobs online with this free tool. You can also set email alert for jobs that you prefer. Just give your email id to this free website and it will email you an alert for the jobs you preferred.

The website also offers you info about company and it lets you post your resume online. The employers who are searching for candidates will find you easily with this useful website. The services offered by this website are completely free. You can use simple keywords for searching jobs and take a look over the listing that offers various jobs matching your keyword from various companies and job boards.



Careerbuilder.com is another job website that helps you to search for jobs online in US. The website is has a classy interface and you can search for jobs easily with this website. The website aims to build a career prospects for you and you can search jobs by keywords or by location. You can also search jobs by category.

With this free website you can:

  • Post Resume
  • Recommendations can be given according to your resume
  • Employers can find your resume easily
  • Apply jobs faster

For using this free website you will have to Sign up to enjoy all the features of CareerBuilder.com, including:

  • Job search management tools
  • Resume posting tools
  • Job recommendations

The website also has pages for job recommendations that gives you various tips and advice on job search and searching for better company profiles. It has resources that let you search jobs that suit your job profile. It will help you to search for jobs by matching keywords from your resume to other posted jobs from various employers. You can use this feature for free by signing in for the website.

The website also lets you keep anonymous. So that if you don’t have an account and wish to stay “anonymous,” you can apply to at least one position before it can recommend any jobs to you. The application recommends jobs for your profile as and when you use this job website more frequently. Even uploading resume to this free job site is easy and the fastest way.



Dice.com is free job site that offers you tools and features for searching better jobs for your career prospects. You can search various kinds of tech jobs with this free job portal. The website is easy way to search jobs in US and that too for free.

Like any other websites, this free job site also gives you power to create effective resume plus you can post your resume with this website without paying for any extra penny. You can post your resume with this simple web portal and let employers search for you. Browse jobs by skill, title, category, location and various other filters. The website has unique features and functions that lets you search jobs easily and effectively. You can hunt from number of jobs listed with the websites from thousands of companies and job portal. It also has inbuilt job search engine for your convenience. Just insert your job title or description keywords in the search box and enter your preferred location. This free website will list you job specs matching your keywords. For better results you must enter exact and useful keywords.

The website also has advanced search option for job seekers that lets you mention various criteria while searching for jobs. You can also search for jobs by location and mentioning zip codes. Apart from search features you can avail for features and functions that let you save your job search with this website. Job tools pages will give you various kinds of functions that helps you to update your resume, let you access to search agents and gives you various useful tips and advice for your job prospects and career info.  You can also search for company info from this website and upload your job search activity with this job tools website.



Theladders.com is last on our list but still not the least. The website has its own unique features which compelled us to mention it on our list. The website’s aim is to provide you with powerful job search within your circle or worldwide. The interactive interface of this website will interest you. As soon as you launch this website on your web browser, you will be asked how soon do you want a job?

You can check on your preferred option. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked your side of story. The questionnaire is extremely simple and short. Based upon your data and info given by you, the website will list the matches found in the course. The basic membership is free in this website. Hence you can search jobs free via this website for free. The website will save your commission fees payable.

With the free membership you get limited access to the website services, however, the job site gives you good starting point. You can access to some few good features of this website which are helpful and useful at a same time. You will be searchable by thousands of employers and you will be suggested new job descriptions every week with free membership.

However, the website coordinators restricts applying to certain jobs to free membership holders. Thus if you are registered as free member, you may not be able to apply to certain jobs to which only paid members are allowed. However, you get full access to career advice library and you will be connected to confidentiality processes for your own benefit. You can also read many articles and blogs offered by this website for better job life and growing in the process. The website also has online customer services for member’s convenience.

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