Free Command Line Twitter Client: TTYtter

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TTYtter is a free Perl based Twitter client for Linux and all the other *nix systems which you can use in order to access Twitter from within the command line. The only time you’ll need a web browser is when you’re signing into your Twitter account, and after that you’ll be able to control your everything, create new Tweets, reply to people, follow people from within the command line.

TTYtter command line Twitter client default window

Image above shows us an example of the shell commands that you have to use in order to send messages on Twitter using this free command line Twitter client. Before you can get to this point you have to login, logging in is possible the old-fashioned way, via username and password but you can also login using the OAuth authentication. What this means is that you will create a key file for your account, and use that key file to access your Twitter account.

Key Features of TTYtter:

  • Very small, it’s just a Perl script that you download and run.
  • Logs in using OAuth authentication, no need for typing passwords.
  • Allows you to use the command line only to access and use Twitter.
  • Pretty much everything can be done, create Tweets, reply people, etc.
  • Tweets can be posted automatically by following a schedule.
  • Command line use means that there’s no graphical interface to use.

Last feature that we mentioned isn’t a feature to a lot of people probably. Majority have gotten used to nice click-able interfaces where everything is nicely laid out, but there are also others who are still enjoy doing things the way that they were done in the past. TTYtter allows you to create just that.

How to Manage and Use Twitter From the Command Line with this Twitter Client?

First thing that you need to do would be to download TTYtter, it’s a bash script in a text file which you need to download and then make executable in order to run. You can find the proper commands on how to do that on the download page of TTYtter. Before using TTYtter make sure that you have Curl installed. Once that you setup everything, you can use the following command in the command line to login to your Twitter account.

ttytter -user=user:pass -ansi

You of course have to change the username and password to your Twitter username and password. If you want to use OAuth, you can do that also. When you’re logged in, to create a Tweet you need to post the following command.

ttytter -status=" is the best"

Syntax being used isn’t very difficult to pick up on, and you can find the rest of the commands that you can use to check on your status, send direct messages on the TTYtter website.


This command line Twitter client is perfect for all the old-fashioned users who are interested in doing things old school, via the terminal and by typing out command lines there. A lot of customization is available and there are a lot of useful features available like Tweet automation and many more.

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Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Linux, Unix
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