5 Motion Detection Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 free motion detection software for Windows 10. They can be used to turn a webcam or an IP camera into a motion detection system. With the applications from the list down below, you’ll be able to leave an application running on your Windows 10 powered desktop, laptop or tablet, and use the camera attached to the system to detect movement in and around your house. Upon detecting movement, software will take snapshots, send out email alerts, upload snapshots to website, you name it.

Let’s see how exactly it is that these applications work.


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TinCam is a motion detection software for Windows 10 which can be used to turn web cameras into a motion detection devices for your PC. Application works with cameras connected via the USB. Upon launching it you’ll actually need to select the cameras (if you have several of them connected) that you want to use.

This software has several work modes. You can set it to snap photos on a timer, and also on a schedule. Screenshot above shows it set to work on motion detection. Select “Setup >> Setup…” in order to configure all the available options. Most interesting feature would be the ability to email, save locally and even upload created motion detected snapshots to a website/FTP server. Great all around selection of features, functionalities and of course great price.

Get TinCam.


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TeboCam is another feature rich motion detection software for Windows 10, which works with both locally connected USB cameras, and also IP cameras, that are connected to your network via wireless/ethernet. Up to 9 cameras can be tracked using this application. All the application settings are configured using the 6 tabs up top.

First tab requires you to select the webcam that you want to use, set sensitivity, image quality, etc. “Images” tab lets you preview created snapshots. Rest of the tabs are for configuring various methods that you’re able to receive notifications about detected movement in front of the cameras. Notifications, as well as the created images, can be saved locally (in a log file), sent via email, or published to an FTP server. In the first tab, the “Webcam” tab, you’ll see live updates of detected movements in front of the webcam, on an hourly basis. Activity log is also available, see image above.

Get TeboCam.

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motion detection software windows 10 3

CamMo is a much more simplistic and to the point motion detection software for Windows 10. It works with IP based cameras. CamMo needs to be configured first, before it will start taking snapshots on detecting movement in front of the camera.

The only triggering event that can trigger snapshots and notifications is motion in front of the camera. Application can either take photos, record view or just send out email notifications in case motion in front of the camera is detected. Setup requires you to select the camera, set motion sensitivity, configure email which the application will use to send notifications and lastly set the output directory where recordings are going to be saved. When done, select “Tools >> Trigger Motion Event” for the application to start detecting motion on the selected camera.

Get CamMo.

Motion Monitor

motion detection software windows 10 4

Motion Monitor is another lightweight and “to-the-point” motion detection software for Windows 10. It utilizes the webcams connected via USB, which it detects automatically upon launching the application.

What little settings you see on the image above is what’s available. You can tweak motion detection tolerance, interval between checks and apply cropping on the X and Y axis. Once you’ve setup all that, click on “Tools >> Start” for the motion monitoring to start. You’ll see three video boxes. First is the live webcam feed, the one on the left. Box in the middle is the last frame snapshot that was taken when motion was detected. Third box will display the difference between the frames. Upon detecting motion, application will save snapshots to an “Output” directory in the installation directory. Make sure to run the application with admin privileges. otherwise Motion Monitor will not be able to save snapshots in the Programs Files directory, which is only writable to administrators. There are no email notifications or FTP upload unfortunately.

Get Motion Monitor.

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SGS HomeGuard Free

motion detection software windows 10 5

SGS HomeGuard Free is a motion detection software for Windows 10 which uses USB cameras (up to 5 of them) as motion sensors. Upon detecting movement, application can send email notifications or it can take a snapshot of whoever is in front of the camera.

Camera doesn’t work right away. You first have to initialize it by selecting “File >> Open Video Camera”. If you want email notifications to be sent, you’ll need to setup an email account by opening up options. There you can also set the directory where snapshots are going to be saved, and customize the image quality. Click on the “Detection Mode” icon from the toolbar up top to start the motion detected monitoring. You need to register an account to download the application, which is a bit of a hassle.

Get SGS HomeGuard Free.


All 5 of the motion detection software for Windows 10 from the list above worked great. I personally enjoyed the functionalities found in TeboCam, so give it a go first if you’re in the market for a motion detector software. Let me know what you think in the comments section down below.

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