5 Digital Marketing Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 digital marketing extensions for Google Chrome which can be used by digital marketers to speed up their workflow and day to day activities. Digital marketing is a subset of marketing that focuses on using websites, email, apps and social networks to boost product sales.

Chrome Webstore has dozens of extensions that digital marketing folks would find useful, so I decided to create a list of 5 extensions that I think would be most interesting.


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MozBar is a digital marketing extension for Chrome which gives you quick access to info on website performance and popularity in search engines. You’ll get info like domain authority, backlink count, page authority, extensions very own MozRank and a quick social network popularity overview (number of shares, tweets and Gpluses mentioning the website).

Extension adds a new toolbar underneath the address bar. It will display info as soon as the website fully loads. Knowing what kind of popularity a website has is important because it tells you how useful promotion on said website would be, among other things.

Get MozBar.


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SEOquake might even be more useful toolbar than MozBar, on the count of the fact that it offers more info about the current search engine status that a particular website has.

Some of the info that the extension has, includes Google page rank, number of pages in Google/Bing index, Alexa rank, number of social network shares, backlinks, SEMRush rank and more.

Get SEOquake.

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vidIQ Vision for YouTube

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vidIQ Vision for YouTube gives you detailed insight into the popularity of videos on YouTube so that you can understand better what makes a certain YouTube video popular.

Info, that you get is quite extensive. There’s the standard total number of views, likes, dislikes, then there’s all these additional metrics, like the number of times video has been embedded, social media shares, number of Facebook comments, graphical charts and more.

Get vidIQ Vision for YouTube.

Check My Links

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Links are a very important aspect of digital marketing, at least when it comes to online digital marketing. Each time that someone puts a link back to your website it increases the popularity of your website (link back to your website counts as thumbs up basically).

Check My Links will make sure that all the links someone posts back to your site are setup properly, without errors. Same thing goes for links on your own website. Broken links can hurt rankings of a website, so it makes sense to check the status of links on your websites from time to time. Check My Links can help you do just that.

Get Check My Links.

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Website and SEO Analysis

digital marketing extensions chrome 5

If toolbars aren’t really your thing and it annoys you to have MozBar/SEOquake installed, Website and SEO Analysis might be the thing for you.

As you can see, this is a similar digital marketing tool to the first two digital marketing extensions from the list above. All the same website performance metrics can be found, only in a nicer packaging which can be accessed by clicking on the top right corner icon.

Get Website and SEO Analysis.


Website and SEO Analysis is my favorite from the list above, mainly because it offers a lot of useful info, but it’s not as intrusive as the toolbars, no extra screen space is lost due to it. Leave a comment and tell me which digital marketing extension you prefer.

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