5 Free Countdown Timer Apps, Extensions For Chrome

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Here, are 5 free Countdown Timer apps, extensions for Google Chrome browser. Countdown timer and Stopwatch are the best way out to keep a track of the activity you are doing. You can easily complete task on your given time, if you have a countdown timer or Stopwatch.

Chrome Web Store has many countdown or stopwatch extensions and apps to install on Google Chrome browser. We will discuss about Countdown app, Countdown app, Countdown extension, Quickrr Stopwatch & Countdown, and more.

Countdown App:


Countdown is a free Chrome app which offers a simple countdown timer clock on Google Chrome browser. This Chrome app is a very simple and lightweight countdown timer app for Chrome. Also, this app is one of the popular Chrome app in Chrome web store. On launching the app, you have to set the countdown time, and then click on “start” button. The timer will start working with a digital timer appearing big in the center of your PC screen. If you are working on some other Chrome tab, the app gives you the notification at the bottom of the browser showing that Countdown has completed.

Countdown Extension:

Countdown Timer

Countdown is a free Chrome extension to enable a smart countdown timer on Google Chrome browser. This extension allows you to add multiple countdown timers. The timer includes hours, minutes, and seconds. You can set the timer according to your requirement and run all of them altogether on Google Chrome browser. You can play/pause the timer. Also, you can drag the timer and arrange them accordingly. On completion of countdown time, the extension gives a pop-up at the bottom of the browser. You can Snooze, delay the timer by 15, 30, and 60 min. Also, you can allow the extension to repeat.

The good part of this countdown timer extension is that, the timer works even when the browser is closed. Along with this you can also add notes to any timer in the extension. The Countdown timer is really useful to install on Google Chrome browser.

Stop Watch & Timer Toolbox:

Stopwatch & Timer Toolbox

Stop Watch & Timer Toolbox is a free Chrome extension to enable stop watch and countdown timer on Google Chrome browser. The extension provides a simple window with stopwatch and countdown timer. Click on stopwatch to start stopwatch and Timer to start countdown timer. The stopwatch part of the extension has four columns with hours, minutes, seconds and microsecond. The only bad part of the extension is its ads. The extension provides ads which look bad on Stopwatch and timer.

Update: (July 16, 2013) the extension is no more available in Chrome Web Store. Try out other countdown timer extensions/apps listed here.



Timer is a free Countdown timer Chrome app that provides countdown timer, stop watch, and alarm clock. This app launches in a new Chrome tab. You can easily use Stopwatch, Countdown timer, and even alarm clock too. You can press “F” key from your keyboard to toggle the countdown timer, stopwatch or alarm clock to full screen mode. The app also displays the running time in the tab title. The app works both offline and online. According to the app developer, you can set any YouTube video clip as your alarm audio and choose any image on the web as background. I tried, but I didn’t find any option for the same.

Quickrr Stopwatch & Countdown:

Quickrr Stopwatch

Quickrr Stopwatch & Countdown is a free Chrome extension that provides simple stopwatch and countdown timer on Google Chrome browser. The extension launches in separate window. The extension is similar to “Stop Watch & Timer Toolbox” extension. You can switch between stopwatch and countdown with a single click. The good part of this extension as compared to Stop Watch & Timer Toolbox extension is that Quickrr Stopwatch & Countdown extension is ads free. You can simply set your countdown timer and use stopwatch on your Google Chrome browser.

You can check out online countdown timer.

Bonus App:

2012 Countdown:

2012 Countdown

2012 Countdown is a free Chrome extension which shows countdown time to the end of the word. The extension displays, the date that is 21/12/2012, number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds left for the date from the current time and date. This extension is meant for fun and allows you to change the date format or enter the custom date format which you want the extension to display. Along with the date format, you can also change the main extension icon appearing in the extension bar of the browser.

If you find any other good Countdown Chrome extension or app, then do let us know in comments.

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