Free Android App To Record Calls: Total Call Recorder

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Total Call Recorder is a free Android call recording app that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls from your Android device. The app works flawlessly, and runs in the background at all times, thereby ensuring that it does not miss recording your call.

When you open this call recorder for Android, you will be presented with a splash screen of the app, which appears for barely a second, thereby providing a professional look to the app, and cutting the annoyance of a splash screen that would stay on the screen for too long at the same time.

Splash Screen

Once the splash screen disappears, you are presented with what you can call the main interface of the app. Inside this interface, you will be able to see two panes, namely:

  • Recordings: Displays a list of all recorded calls. Incoming calls are represented with a blue arrow facing towards the phone, and outgoing calls are represented with a green arrow going outwards from the phone icon. These icons allow you to differentiate between incoming and outgoing calls.
    Recorded Call LogsYou can click on a recording to play it. All entries that appear in the Recordings are complete recordings of the call that happened.
  • Settings: Allows you to access the settings of the app. The Settings pane of the app is very simplistic and minimalist at the same time, with no confusing options present at all.Settings

As I said before, there are no confusing options at all. There is only one option present, which allows you to turn the call recording mode On or Off (see the above screenshot). This is something that I really like about the Total Call Recorder app for Android, as even a common layman with no complex knowledge of the Android ecosystem can easily configure the settings of this app, making it a truly easy to understand and use.

Clicking on the options soft key on your Android device brings up an additional menu from the bottom of the screen that provides you with options allowing you to view the Info about the Total Call Recorder app, or to view More Apps by the developer on the Google Play Store.

More options

If for some reason you aren’t satisfied by the Total Call Recorder app for Android and need more configurable options, you can always check out our list of 5 free call recording apps for Android and pick the one that suits your needs the best.

Total Call Recorder is available as a free download via the Google Play Store.

Features of the Total Call Recorder App for Android:

  • Simplistic interface.
  • Ad-free.
  • Automatic recording of calls once the setting for recording calls has been set to ON, and you don’t need to manually initiate the recording process.
  • Clean list of recorded call logs which differentiates incoming calls from outgoing calls by showing a different icon for incoming / outgoing calls.
  • It is extremely easy to be configured, no complex settings options are present which may confuse the user.


Total Call Recorder is a good app to have on your device for recording calls because it is lightweight, ad-free and provides simple configuration settings. It records your calls automatically, and is worth a download.

Get Total Call Recorder.

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