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bim is an app to do live workouts with your friends. This can be used by fitness coaches as well as individuals.

Fitness coaches can build a community/group of their clients on this app and train them live through video call. Individuals can join a community and workout with people of that community, or workout solo with the help of more than 200 exercises available on this app.

You’ve to download this app to your mobile to use it. You can download it to either iOS or android device.

Features of bim App

1. Create or Join Community

Community on bim app

You can create your own community with your friends or clients and workout with all of them at once. They’ll be able to see your moves and follow you, and you’ll be able to see them and monitor their moves.

This feature is great because you can workout with your friends while being at your home.

You can also join a community on this app and workout with the people of that community, and you can also group chat with them.

2. Create Your Own Workout Routine

create your own routine in bim app

If you don’t like to workout with other people and like to workout solo, this app can come in handy too. You can create your own workout routine by adding which body part(s) you want to train, resting time, and which exercises you’d want to do. There are more than 200 exercises to choose from. You can also schedule your workouts for later.

3. Follow The Progress of Your Community

If you’re a fitness coach and provide live workout sessions through this app, you can follow the progress, number of workouts accomplished, and workout time of your community.

You can also advise and motivate your community members by chat or over video calls.

4. Share Video Recording of Your Workouts

This feature can come in handy for both fitness coaches and students/individuals. If you’re a coach, you can share the recording of your workouts with your clients, and they can learn from the video and replicate your moves. Your clients can learn from you even if they can’t attend your online training classes live, they can watch the recording of your training sessions anytime they want.

If you’re an individual, you can share the recording of your workouts to your friends/coach, and they can give you their feedback. If you’ve got a fitness trainer, he can look at your workouts and correct your mistakes, if any.

Also, If you don’t have a fitness trainer, you can share the recording of your workouts with your friends, and they too can share their feedback with you.

Who Should Use This?

Anyone who likes to workout can use this app. If you’re a coach, you can build a community of your clients on this app and train them. If you’re not a coach, you can workout with your friends through this app while being at your home.

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