Find Exercise to Workout for Different Body Parts

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In this article, I’m covering a free website to find exercise to work out for different body parts. Exercising is important for a healthy body and lifestyle. There are different exercises for different body parts and muscles. If you are looking for such exercises, you can find them all in one place.

MuscleWiki is a free website that is basically a Wikipedia for muscle exercises. This website lists different types of exercises involving almost every body part. Depending on gender, you can select the muscle for which you want to work out and it shows you stretches, bodyweight, barbell, dumbells, and kettlebells exercise for that with proper guides and video tutorials. Let’s check it out.

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Find Exercise to Workout for Different Body Parts

Finding an exercise is simple on MuscleWiki. The homepage of the website asks you to select your gender and shows a human body as per your selection. Below that, it lists 5 types of exercises. This is an interactive model of the human body where you can pick a muscle to find a selected type of exercise for it.

Understand your body, simplify your workout.

You can hover the mouse cursor over different body parts. The part below the cursor turns red and this way you can select a body part to find workout exercise for that specific part.

exercise for body parts

When you select a body part tells you about that body part and its impact on your body. It shows you the stretches, bodyweight, barbell, dumbbells, and kettlebells exercises for that. Each exercise has proper steps along with a video tutorial showing how to do it correctly. For each exercise, it shows the difficulty level. If you are just starting then you can go with beginner level with starches and gradually forward.

This website is available in dozens of different languages means you can possibly get the instructions in your native language. apart from that, it also has additional tools to help you out with your healthy lifestyle. This includes a Calorie Calculator, Macro Calculator, and One Rep Max Calculator.

Closing Words

MusicleWiki is a handy website to find correct exercises for specific body parts. This can be useful for people who want to exercise at home or don’t have a trainer. It helps you easily find the correct exercises with proper guides and steps to make sure you follow them accurately. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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