Free Physics Game: Crayon Physics

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Crayon Physics is a free Physics game available for PC download. Draw appropriate shapes to guide the ball to it’s destination and complete all 7 stages.

Crayon physics is a mixture of physics and drawing game. In this game you have to draw shapes to guide the ball to the end or it’s destination. It’s not like normal action game or adventure game; this is pretty different game based on how you make route for the ball. The game download size is just 6 MB.

crayon physics game

Crayon Physics, The Free Physics Game:

Crayon Physics is a complete time pass game. You just have to guide a red ball towards a star; to collect it and end the stage. This game consists of just seven stages. Does it sound simple? Don’t worry because it keeps getting tougher; as you cross the initial stages.

This game is called Crayon PHYSICS because you have to be careful about the Physics related laws. You have to use your mouse to draw shapes and most of the times they turn into rectangular shapes. So, you have to guide the red ball from one platform to another, to reach the destination Star. You have to calculate the positions, shapes, and lengths or else you have to play the stage repeatedly. As you can see in the above screenshot that the ball is placed on a moving platform. You have to balance the ball, make it move, make the ball come to halt, etc. by drawing shapes and you have no other powers. Of course you can delete the shapes that you have drawn.

crayon physics

Controls And How To Play Crayon Physics:

The controls of Crayon Physics are simple:

  • Use mouse left click to draw shapes.
  • Right click your mouse on the shapes that you have drawn to delete them.
  • Use Space bar to reset the stage.
  • Use Escape to go to the main menu.

Just draw shapes and guide the red ball to the end. Use those shapes to support the ball, to stop the ball, to hold the moving platforms, for support, and what not. Ultimately you have to make sure the ball reaches the yellow colored Star. You have to complete the seven stages and then you will see the cool The End ball. Below we have made a video on the gameplay of Crayon Physics for you to enjoy and get a slight idea of how the levels can be.

Crayon Physics is a good and free Physics game for playing in free time. The graphics and sound effects are good enough for such game. You can also try other different games like: Against the Wall and Tag: The power of paint.

Click here to Download Crayon Physics.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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