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Twibfy is an amazing and free online photo sharing site with fantastic options to share, collect photos, follow other users, and many other great features. The website allows you to search for pictures, videos, etc. by typing anywhere on the screen and even by color. You can drag and drop pictures that you like into your own collection and share them with your friends. The images or even an entire page can be shared on Facebook, Twitter etc. The interface of the website is fantastic and twibfy keeps updating the best stuff on the home page. A whole set of amazing features and functions awaits you as you create an account and enter the website.

This cool online photo sharing site is a step ahead in the field of photo sharing. Some of the features available are very cool and rare to find. Let us see how this website works and have a detailed description of all its cool features.

Twibfy-online photo sharing-home page

How To Use Twibfy?

As you can see in the above screenshot, there are four key functions of this online photo sharing site-Love, submit, organize, share. The website allows you to upload photos of your own, like photos uploaded by others, make a collection of photos you like, and share them with your friends. In addition to this, you can also follow the people you like.

Now, all the above mentioned functions are very much mainstream and do not need an explanation on how to use them. The interface of your account contains all the shortcuts from where you can perform these functions. However, it is the way you perform these functions and the features that come along with these functions, that make Twibfy special.

  • The first such feature is the search feature. You can type anywhere on the screen to search a image or video. There is no search bar on the interface and you can simply type anywhere on the screen to search for your image. The website will show results matching your search. You can even search an image by color. A long list of colors appear for you to choose from.

Twibfy-online photo sharing-search

  • The next feature is the drag and drop feature of this online photo sharing site. Twibfy allows you to upload, submit your own pictures and also create your collections by picking pictures from the gallery. This can be done by dragging and dropping the pictures at the right place. You just have to select a picture, drag it to the collection icon and drop it there. The picture will be automatically added to your collection. The same can be done to share images with your friends or on Facebook etc. The list of your friends appears in the right corner and you can simply drop the image on the icons. On top of this, the website even allows you to share the entire page if you want. When you are on the page you want to share, you can drag the icon given on top left corner and share the entire page.

Twibfy-online photo sharing-drag and drop

  • The next feature is Notifications. Twibfy sends you notifications everytime anything happens in relation to your account. Twibfy selects images that it considers best for its home page. So, if your image gets selected or if any of your friends uploads something, you receive a notification. Your friends on Twibfy are the ones in your account on other social media platforms. You can sync your Twibfy account with your other accounts and meet your friends.
  • The last feature I would like to mention about is the follow feature. You can easily follow other users of the website and get access to their stuff. You can also comment on their images and view their complete profile.

Twibfy-online photo sharing-follow

Final Verdict For This Online Photo Sharing Site

The features of this online photo sharing website and its great interface really make Twibfy stand apart. An absolutely amazing site with great efficiency and creative images. Do try it out for sure.

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