Fotki: Free Online Photo Sharing Website To Create Photo Albums

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Fotki is a completely free online photo sharing website for you to upload photos from your system and create multiple albums. Your albums are seen by other users on the website who can view and comment on your pictures. It is an open photo sharing platform where everyone can view everything. You just have to create a free account with the website and start creating albums. You can add friends to your list and their activities will appear on top on your home page. There are a lot of photo contests going on in which you can participate. There are other features like uploading videos, journals and a few other, but they have been reserved for the paid version.

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Note: Fotki is a open photo sharing platform and there are possibilities that sometimes some inappropriate pictures might be uploaded on the website.

Sign Up And Start Creating Albums

Fotki mainly allows you to create albums containing lots of pictures. There is no limit to the number of albums that can be created. You can upload and access as many albums as you want. Uploading albums is also very simple and easy. Once you create a account, you can click on my albums options and start creating. You can simply drag and drop the pictures and add description to it. Click save button and you are done. Your album is visible to other users.

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Fotki allows you to classify your album as public or private. The difference between these two categories is small but significant. In both the options your pictures are visible for other users to see. But if your pictures are public other users can even share it. A URL link is available that can be used by them to share the image. But if your album is private the option to share it is eliminated.

Key Features Of Fotki

Fotki is very similar to some other photo sharing platforms in the way it functions. You can upload your albums, view other albums, comment on them etc. But there are certain features in fotki that are quite interesting and make it stand apart. Let us look at the important ones.

The first such feature is that you can customize your account. You can add themes that make your account look attractive. So when someone visits your profile, they will be impressed with the demeanour of your account.

Another feature is that you can send friend request to any user you want. If they accept your friend request , they will appear in your My friends tab and their activities will be on top of your homepage. This feature is very much similar to Facebook.

Fotki-fotki-friends list

The next feature in line is the Guestbook tab. In this tab all the comments made on your picture, and your comments also, are displayed. If any user makes any comment on any of your picture, it will be displayed in your guestbook.  Fotki allows you to view guestbooks of other users as well.

Last but not the least, fotki generates some interesting statistics relating to your account. It generates statistics like how many people visited your account, Views on your pictures, total hits on your pics, total comments on your pics. Since there is no like button available the number of hits are counted by calculating the number of people who viewed your picture.


There are a lot of other interesting features but they are all reserved for the paid version.

Final Verdict

Fotki simply stands apart due to the exciting features it contains. You should surely try it out once.

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