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Migratr is a free application which moves photos between popular photo sharing services. It is quite common for a single person to be having a lot of accounts in various photo sharing websites. However, the huge number of photo sharing websites that have come about in recent times also brings up a new problem. It is now a lot harder to synchronise all your accounts in one place. Even if you decide to switch to one single account with one provider only, it is going to be difficult to make the transition if you have a lot of photos stored. For example, you might have accounts at Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr, and Gallery2.


Key Features of Migratr:

  • Completely free.
  • Supports a number of photo sharing services.
  • Application is lightweight.
  • Unification process is very simple.

Unify your photos:

If such is the case, then you can resort to the Migratr software. This is probably the best application for unifying all your photos into one single account by way of migration. There are other ways of migrating from one account to another, but the Migratr provides the best form of doing so. This is because the free photo migrating service is the best free way to switch between photo sharing services. Of course, it is quite possible that you will have stored a lot of information on your photos. You may also lose your photos in the process. Though Migratr is one of the reliable services.

Edit the Information:

With the Migratr application in your hands, it will not only transfer the photos, but also the information associated with it as well. These days, it is common to have a lot of information like titles and descriptions associated with a photo. The free photo migrating service not only takes care of the photos, but also this information as well. Due to the sheer number of photo sharing services available today, it might have been easy for the Migratr software to be extremely complex. However, it is the other way round.


The Migratr free photo migrating service is one of the simplest applications you can find today. The setup file for the software will not take more than 2 MB, while the actual software is one of the lightweight applications you can find in the market today.

Simple Process:

The whole process of switching your photos from one service to another is fairly simple. You just need to have the account details of the two concerned photo sharing services in your hand before you begin the process. When you start the app, it straight away gives you the options when it comes to photo sharing services. You are then asked only to enter your login information and import the data.


The time it takes to import the data depends upon the sizes and quantities of the photos you might have into specific photo sharing service. Once you have imported it, you can once again authenticate the second photo sharing service to which you need to migrate. Once done, the exporting process takes very limited time. Before you notice it, you are done with the process of switching from one photo sharing service provider to another.



In a sentence, with Migratr migration of photos and other associated details from service provider to another takes no more than six steps.

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