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Secure Password Manager is a freeware that allows you to store your passwords and confidential information in a encrypted and secure manner. Managing all the different passwords we have for each website nowdays, seems like a difficult task. With Secure Password Manager you will have a secure location where you can store all your passwords.

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Key Features of the Secure Password Manager:

  • Ability to create multiple accounts.
  • The software itself can generate a high security password.
  • Presence of an auto fill option for a designated website.
  • Organizing the information.
  • High security encryption that provides maximum security for your passwords.
  • Variety of browsers and applications supported.

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Complicated at First, but Simple:

Even though the interface of the Secure Password Manager freeware might appear extremely complicated at first, you will realise in due course that it is rather simple. A single user can have unlimited number of passwords for various different websites and accounts. The Secure Password Manager freeware will also allow you to have multiple user accounts. Hence, using this software you only need to remember the password of your account on the freeware and nothing else.

Offers Important Details:

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The Secure Password Manager software provides you with the important detail of the login details. This would allow you to know if someone has been trying to get through to your account. In such a case, you can almost instantly change your password due to the fact that the software has an inbuilt password generator. Due to the randomness of the generator, it would be almost virtually impossible for an individual to tamper the password generated as a result of it.

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Varied Ways of Input:

It is possible to include the details of the password individually or in a group. One can also set the Secure Password Manager software to generate the password in this section itself. It is also possible to set up the software in such a way that it will automatically recognise the designated website and auto fill all the information. One can set up a unique combination that will be recognised by the software and will then fill the information on the website. This can be done in order to protect the password when you are not in front of the computer.

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Maximum Security:

Due to the fact that most of the passwords that are stored in the software gives access to high value information, it is extremely essential that the user is given the utmost confidence when it comes to the security of the passwords. As a result, the Secure Password Manager software uses the best encryption possible. The 256 bit encryption means that it will be extremely tough for anyone to break into the software.

Download the Secure Password Manager now.

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