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43things is a completely free website to set goals which helps you in achieving your set goals by providing you with a platform to inspire you. The website is a blend of some great features and your desire to achieve your goals. All the users can describe and set as many goals as they want and then work on it themselves.The website allows you to set reminders to remind you about your set goals from time to time. It includes a lot of features like adding entries to your goals, cheering other users, add personal challenges and many more. This reminds me a lot of similar website called GoalieGoals.

43things does not provide any concrete rigorous methods to achieve your targets. Rather, it  provides you a platform where you can set your targets and work hard on them yourself. It affects psychologically when you see so many people around you under one platform trying to achieve their own personal goals. You can interact with them through messages and comments, read their stories and subscribe to them as well. There are many other features that are available that inspire you to achieve your goals. Let us a have a detailed look.

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How to Get Inspired to Achieve Your Goals with 43Things:

The main purpose and function of 43things is to let you achieve your goals. After you create your account, you can add goals and resolutions. You can set a reminder for all your goals. While you are adding  a goal, the website shows a list of other users who are trying to achieve the similar goal, if any. Once you have achieved a particular goal you can mark it as done and write a post about how you did it. The other users of the website can read your post and get motivated and learn from it.

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Now while you are adding a goal, there are a couple of actions you can perform alongside. You can set a personal challenge for yourself and add entries regarding your goal. You can challenge yourself that you will start working on a goal from a particular date and would do it with full dedication. You can also add a punishment for yourself, that if you do not achieve the goal, you will carry out that punishment.

The add entries action means that you can add entries relating to your goal on a daily basis or whenever you want. These entries are posted on your wall and people can read it and comment on it. These entries are like writing a diary while you are in the process of achieving  a goal. All these entries are added under your goals.

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There are other functions that can be performed alongside setting goals for yourself. 43things lets you have one on one conversation with other users and cheer them while they are performing a task. You can send message to other users on the website to talk to them or you can communicate via comments. You can also cheer them up and make them feel great. There is a cheer button next to every comments section and  post. You can hit that button to let the user know that you are reading their posts and supporting them in their task. Your sent and received cheers are mentioned separately on the home page of your account.

Key Features Of 43things

  • Add as many goals and resolutions as you want
  • Set reminders
  • Read posts of other users and interact with them
  • Add personal challenges and punishments for yourself
  • Cheer other users
  • Subscribe to other users
  • Add entries to your goals and share them
  • Post your experience once you have achieved a goal

Final Verdict

As much as I liked the functions and features of 43things, I feel your success depends on how true you are to yourself. The website provides you with some really useful and interesting features to help you, but if you do not follow it seriously, it will not be of much use. So, be disciplined and attain your goals with this great platform.

Try it out here!

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