Chrome Extension For Remembering, Setting Life Goals: Goal Reminder

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Goal Reminder is an interesting extension for Google Chrome which you can use for setting life goals and can remember them time to time. Do you have any aim you want to achieve in your life but always forget or distract from it? Not anymore now, as Goal Reminder will help you remember you about goal(s) you want to achieve. The simple and clear idea behind this extension is that it motivates you by showing you your goals in life.

With this simple to use extension, you can add multiple goals or targets you have in your life. After this, this extension will remind you about those goals on regular interval of time, while working on your Google Chrome. It will help you to focus again on your aims if you usually forget about them by anyhow.

Goal Reminder 01 setting life goals

Indeed, it’s a good extension to use as you won’t get distracted from your main aims of life. It is free to use extension available on Google Chrome that runs in offline mode too. See how this extension works.

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How Goal Reminder Helps in Remembering & Setting Life Goals:

As you will add this extension to your Google Chrome, it will available to serve you right from Google Chrome toolbar. You can open this extension by clicking on its extension icon to set goals and other settings.

Goal Reminder 02 setting life goals

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can add goals with plus button. Give any title and add text to set your goal. Next you can do is adjust Timer Settings. By adjusting timer settings, a countdown time will start which when complete, show you your Goal as a pop up message (with speech) on your screen. And in order to set the order in which your added goals should display, you can select any desired Mode (cycle in random order, cycle in order, and completely random) for it.

Goal Reminder 03 setting life goals

Other things you can perform in Goal reminder is enable/disable speech of pop up message and export or import goals to Goal Reminder.

Goal Reminder is a simple yet very effective extension that will never let you away from your goals of life. Below you can see how you can add it to your Chrome browser.

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Add Goal Reminder To Google Chrome:

Use this link to add Goal Reminder to your Google Chrome. Once after adding it to Chrome browser, you can view its extension icon available next to address bar. That’s it! Add goals and this extension will focus you time to time on your goals.

Simply saying, Goal Reminder gives a simple and easy way to keep you on track of your life goals. Never ever you will forget achievements you want to get in your life after adding this free extension on your Google Chrome. Go ahead, and try it for yourself.

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