Goal Management Service To Set Goals And Track progress: GoalieGoals

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GoalieGoals is a free web based goal management service that lets you set goals and track your progress by regularly adding logs to your goal chart. You can add all the details relating to your goal in a chart and then add your daily progress in it. GoalieGoals will calculate your performance and will let you know whether you are trailing behind or on target. It updates the status of your chart as passing or failing, depending on the way you perform. You can use this goal management service just by going through a one step registration process.

The purpose of a goal management service is to set goals and encourage you to achieve your goals. When you have set a goal and are tracking your progress, you will try your best to meet the demand. On top of that, this service in a way criticises you for not achieving a goal, by putting up Failed status. Be it about your health, personal hygiene or office work, you definitely wouldn’t want that status. So, visit this website here and get up and running.

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How To Use This Goal Management Service?

You have to start by creating a free account, which is a very simple task. After that you can directly start creating a goal chart. Multiple goal charts can be created by you regarding different actions and any goal can be edited or deleted by you whenever you want. All your goals are shown on the interface of your account along with their current status.

Creating a goal is also a very simple and easy task. All the parameters are defined by default and you just have to fill in the details. This is done to ensure that the goal is well defined and to maintain a uniform procedure. You have to enter details like Action name, Quantity meaning in how much quantity you want to perform that task, Unit, Start date, End date. This goal management service automatically calculates the total sum of action that needs to be performed by you in the specified period and uses it for final evaluation.

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After creating a chart you have to add logs to it on daily basis till the end date of your goal. You have to add the amount of action you performed and a little description about it. Based on your daily performance, GoalieGoals assesses whether you are lacking behind or are on target. There are separate bars for the total amount of action to be performed, minimum action to be performed in a day, and total action completed  by you. If you are on target, your total completed bar will be ahead and your chart will appear in green color. Otherwise, it will appear in red color.

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This is how this goal management service works.

Key Features Of GoalieGoals

  • Simple and free to use
  • Attractive interface
  • One step registration process
  • Easy to create goal charts
  • Shows status of your performance
  • Allows you to add logs on a daily basis
  • Reflects charts in two different colors depending on your performance

Final Verdict

A really nice goal management service with attractive interface and easy to use functions & features. Do check it out.

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