How to Get Slack Notification for New Trello Tasks

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In this post, you will learn about how to get Slack notification for new Trello tasks. If you use Trello for creating and managing your tasks and Slack for team communication, then there is a simple method using which you can now get Slack notifications for all the new tasks created on Trello. This can be done by creating an IFTTT applet. You can simply connect Trello and Slack via the applet. After that, you can automatically get notified on Slack for any task created on Trello by your team members or anyone with whom you have shared the board.

By default, you won’t find any option in Trello or Slack to do the same. So, if you really want to receive Slack notification for new Trello tasks, then using IFTTT is definitely the best option for you. Creating the applet is also super easy, as all you gotta do is configure a trigger and an action.

How to Get Slack Notification for New Trello Tasks:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is open up IFTTT and login to your existing account or create a new one. After that, you can proceed to create a new applet from the “My Applets” tab. In the applet, the first thing you would need to do is choose the trigger channel as “Trello”.

Step 2: After that, it will show you all the Trello related triggers like “Card added to board”, “Card added to list”, etc. Now, select the “Card added to list” as the applet trigger such that you can get Slack notification whenever a new task is created on that list.

Step 3: After selecting that trigger, it will ask you to configure some trigger fields. You can choose the Trello board where the new tasks are created and the name of the list where the task card is added. Then hit the “Create Trigger” button to move to the next part of the applet.

Step 4: Now, what you need to do is configure the applet’s action. For that, you would need to choose “Slack” as the action channel of the applet.

Step 5: When you do that, it will show you a single action named, “Post to channel” associated with Slack. Simply, select it as the applet’s action and proceed. This option can automatically send a notification message on Slack.

Step 6: After selecting the action, it will open a new window where it will prompt you to complete various action fields. The action fields include on which channel you want to get the notification, what attributes are included in the notification message (like title, list name, board name, task card URL, etc.), and more.

Step 7: When you’re all set, simply save the applet and activate it. As soon as you do that, whenever someone creates a Trello task on the list selected by you, you will get a Slack notification on the selected channel. The notification message will be from IFTTT.

Closing Words:

So, this way you can use IFTTT to get Slack notification for new Trello tasks. For people who spend most of their time working on Slack, it’s a pretty good idea to connect Trello with it, such that you don’t need to open Trello every time you want to check for new tasks. Go ahead and create the IFTTT applet using the simple steps explained above.

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