5 Transparent Weather Widget Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 transparent weather widget apps for Android which will allow you to decorate the home screen of your device with transparent weather widgets. I like to have weather widgets on home screen, but I hate it when they have a black background. That’s the reason why I decided to make a list of apps that can be used to setup transparent weather widgets. All these widgets can be downloaded free on your Android devices.

Let’s see how they work.

Transparent Clock & Weather

transparent weather widget apps android 1

Transparent Clock & Weather offers a very large selection of transparent weather widgets of different sizes and designs. You can see three main types of widgets in action on the image down below.

Multiple locations can be tracked at once. App also offers info like moon phases, sun down/up, humidity levels, UV index, automatic location detection using either cellular networks, Wifi or GPS. Widgets are very modern looking and easy to setup.

Get Transparent Clock & Weather.

Transparent Glass Clock Widget

transparent weather widget apps android 2

Transparent Glass Clock Widget is actually a selection of transparent widget themes for a weather app called Amber Weather, which you’ll be prompted to install after running the app.

With Amber Weather installed, after adding widgets you’ll be offered with a selection of about half a dozen themes, transparent themes, in different sizes. Widgets display the usual time/weather combo, with current weather conditions, temperature, etc.

Get Transparent Glass Clock Widget.

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Weather & Clock Widget Android

transparent weather widget apps android 3

Weather & Clock Widget Android is a standalone weather app, with the biggest selection of weather widgets out of all the transparent weather widget apps that I tested.

Widgets for both smartphones and tablets with larger screens are available. Their style (level of transparency) can be managed from within the app settings. 2X1, 4X1, 4X2, 4X3, 5X1, 5X2 and 5X3 size widgets are available with 5 day forecast, clock, alarm and other features included. Widgets are also resizeable, if the launcher supports resizing.

Get Weather & Clock Widget Android.

Weather by MacroPinch

transparent weather widget apps android 4

Weather by MacroPinch is a simple transparent weather widget app, the complete opposite of the previously mentioned Weather & Clock Widget Android.

Interface of the app itself follows the KISS principle, but also has a modern look and feel to it. Two widget sizes are available, see image above. Widgets show current weather conditions, and nothing else. You’ll need to open up the app for a more detailed weather forecast.

Get Weather by MacroPinch.

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Simple Weather Widget

transparent weather widget apps android 5

Simple Weather Widget is just what its name says it is, a simple weather widget that you can use to show current weather conditions on your screen.

By default the widget background isn’t transparent. You will have to make it so by accessing settings and putting a check mark next to the option for transparency. Location is detected automatically by the app after placing a widget on the screen, but you can change the location manually later on.

Get Simple Weather Widget.


Those who would like an advanced transparent weather widget app should have a look at Weather & Clock Widget Android, because it doesn’t get more advanced that this. For something simpler, yet equally elegant, go with Weather by MacroPinch. Let me know which transparent weather widget apps you like and use by leaving a comment down below.

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