5 Fruit Coloring Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 fruit coloring apps for Android which are perfect for small children to have fun and to learn about fruits. Today’s kids seem to be surrounded with technology. So much so that they sometimes lose touch with the nature. Apps from the list down below combine the two. With their help kids can fiddle around with tablets, smartphones, play and learn about fruits, how they look like and what they are called.

Let’s see how these Android apps work below.

Fruit Coloring Pages

fruit coloring apps android 1

Fruit Coloring Pages has a selection of 50 coloring pages (not all of them are fruit though). As soon as the app is launched you’ll be presented with a random fruit coloring page and a menu down below with all the controls.

Menu has 4 quick access colors, but tapping on the paint brush icon activates a more advanced color palette. Last icon is for exporting finished creations (to gallery or directly to social networks) and the one before that is for switching to a different coloring page. At the very top you have the name of the fruit written and a speaker icon which, once tapped, reads out the fruit name (so the kids can learn more easily).

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Fruit Coloring Book

fruit coloring apps android 2

Fruit Coloring Book has two work modes actually, sketching and coloring. In sketching dotted outlines of fruits are given, and they need to be hand drawn and colored.

Coloring mode goes straight to coloring. After launching the app a menu pops out with work mode selector followed by another selection for choosing between 20 or so fruit coloring pages that are available. Color picker is on the right, and controls with all the usual options, including export (to gallery) are on the left edge of the screen.

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Fruit Coloring Book for Kids

fruit coloring apps android 3

Fruit Coloring Book for Kids is simplistic when compared to the 2 previously mentioned fruit coloring apps. It comes with around 15 fruit related coloring pages, and support for saving finished creation locally, to the gallery or alternatively they can be shared straight away to social networks.

Coloring dashboard has a full color palette at the top, with small color tiles, which doesn’t make it easy to select the desired color. Top right corner has controls for saving, sharing to social network and starting over.

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Fruits Coloring

fruit coloring apps android 4

Fruits Coloring I liked because it lets you choose between the paint bucket tool and the brush tool. Paint bucket is what most of the other fruit coloring apps that I tested offer.

Coloring is much more fun with a brush. It’s not just tapping on the screen, you actually have to wave around on the screen for some time to color in a segment and you also need to be careful not to go over the lines. Interface is also quite more intuitive, as you can see from the image above. Hint, use the arrows at the top to switch between the 10 available coloring pages.

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Fruits Coloring Book For Kids

fruit coloring apps android 5

Fruits Coloring Book For Kids only supports coloring using the brush, which means that there’s going to be a lot of fun staying between the lines and swapping the screen to properly color everything.

As you can see from the image above, this app has a bit more simplistic interface, but everything is still there, color palette down below, menu at the top and coloring page in the middle. Fruit used for coloring is selected at app launch, the menu that shows up.

Get Fruits Coloring Book For Kids.


Fruits Coloring and Fruit Coloring Pages are my favorites. I like Fruits Coloring because it has a large selection of coloring pages and is great for teaching kids about fruits. Fruits Coloring supports brush coloring. Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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