5 Dinosaur Coloring Book Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 dinosaur coloring book apps for Android which are great for keeping the little ones busy while you do chores around the house. You can see from the idea for this topic that I recently watched Jurassic World. If your kids also recently watched this movie and they now have cravings for everything dinosaur, then these coloring book apps are just the thing you need.

Let’s look at these apps below.

Dinosaurs Coloring Book

dinosaur coloring book apps android 1

Dinosaurs Coloring Book offers a collection of about 90 dinosaur drawings that the little ones can color in. They can be colored using a paint bucket, a paint brush or a pencil.

Top menu is where you can choose a drawing, reset the current drawing or export the created coloring job as an image to the gallery. At the bottom you can switch between coloring tools and color palettes.

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Dino Coloring Game

dinosaur coloring book apps android 2

Dino Coloring Game is a dinosaur coloring book app for Android which has a smaller gallery of drawings. Around 50 of them is available, but they are a bit more complicated, so the kids will probably spend more time with this app before it becomes boring.

Same selection of tools and options is available, only here everything is at the bottom, underneath the drawing. Tap on either one of the options for selecting between the paint bucket, paintbrush, color picker, sticker selector, image export, and a small pop-out box opens up with options. Yes, this app also lets the user apply stickers to drawings.

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Kids Dinosaur Coloring Pages

dinosaur coloring book apps android 3

Kids Dinosaur Coloring Pages is a bit more difficult dinosaur coloring book app when compared to previous apps that I covered. Thing that makes it hard to use is the fact that there is no zooming in on the drawing.

Selection of drawings that can be painted is also a bit sparse, with only 5 of them available in the free version. Usual controls can be found around the drawing. Paint bucket and paint brush are available for coloring in the drawings.

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Dinosaurs Coloring Game

dinosaur coloring book apps android 4

Dinosaurs Coloring Game suffers from the same lack of zoom that Kids Dinosaur Coloring Pages has, but surprisingly enough coloring in drawings isn’t that difficult.

Ten drawings is available in the free version. Toolbox is located at the bottom of the screen. Dinosaurs can be filled in with either the paint bucket or a paintbrush. Eraser and “undo” are there for when a mistake is made.

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Dinosaur Coloring

dinosaur coloring book apps android 5

Dinosaur Coloring comes with a small selection of drawings, but the drawings that are available are complicated more than with the other dinosaur coloring book apps so the lack of drawings isn’t felt that much since it will take a bit longer to finish the ones that are available.

What sets Dinosaur Coloring apart from the other apps is that it adds an example photo of how the finished drawing should be colored, which is a nice touch if you ask me. App looks nice, and is easy to color despite also missing the ability to zoom in.

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Kids will have fun no matter which one of the 5 coloring book apps from the list above you choose. If you I had to pick a favorite, it’d be Dinosaurs Coloring Book, simply because it offers a large selection of drawings that the little ones can color in. Leave a comment with your thoughts down below.

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