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Handwrite Pack FlipFont Free is a free app for Android that allows you to use more fonts on your Android device. It has been developed by Fonts for Flipfont. Fonts are used everywhere on your Android device. Right from the date displayed in the status bar to the text displayed in browsers, the fonts or text are used almost everywhere. This app is developed specifically to ensure that the fonts used on your Android don’t get boring to see or read after some time of using your device. This app offers an easy way to change the Android system fonts.

This app is available for free via the Google Play Store.


How to use this app?

Head over to the Google Play Store and download Handwrite Pack FlipFont Free. Once you are done with downloading the app, fire up the application. Once you have opened the application, you will be presented with a screen like the following screenshot.

Fonts home screen

Clicking on Best Fonts, More Fonts and Change Fonts Size will take you to the developer’s page on Google Play Store. To view the style of fonts that have been installed, click on Style Preview button. To change your default fonts, click on Go to Settings button in the above screenshot.

Clicking on the Style Preview button will take you to the following screen, where you can see the different types of fonts in a preview like mode. The heading in each column is the name of the font, followed by some sample text.

font style preview

To apply any one of these fonts to your Android, just click the Go to Settings button in the homescreen of the app. When you are done with this, the following settings Window will pop up. In the below window, click on Font Style button. (see screenshot below)

popup window

Click the font style button in above screen. When you do so, the following window will pop up. Here you can select the font that you want to use, and click Yes in the confirmation dialogue. (see screenshot below.)

set font

As you can see, I selected HarbaraHand font, and as soon as I did that, I have a confirmation message pop up on my phone. When I click yes, all the fonts on my Android device are changed. (see below screenshot, after I clicked yes)

Font change

That’s it on how to change your fonts using this app.


  • Free.
  • Smooth, no lags.
  • Good quality fonts.


  • It is ad supported.
  • Number of fonts are relatively less.


Handwrite Pack FlipFont Free  is a good app to have if you want to change the look and feel of your Android device. It comes in very handy if you want to have your phone get a new look and feel.

You can get Handwrite Pack FlipFont Free by clicking here.

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Works With: Android 2.2 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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