Art Of Illusion – Free 3D Modeling, Rendering and Animation Studio

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Art of Illusion is a free, open source 3D modeling and animation studio. The application is written entirely in Java and has got very powerful 3D modeling tools. For instance, you can create skeleton based animals or make 3D textures and materials.

Another 3D modeling and animation tool that we talked about earlier: Blender. Some other simpler modeling tools: DoubleCad XT, and Project Cooper.

Art of Illusion – An Easy To Use 3D modeling tool:

There are so many 3D modeling and rendering applications available in the market. These pieces of software are usually available at a very high price and also eat up huge disc space. SourceForge’s free 3D modeling and rendering application called Art of Illusion is available for free and has all the major features that you can find in high end 3D modeling software.  It uses a very small disc space.

Art of Illusion works on all the major OS platforms such as Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux. Art of Illusion is not about making simple animation but a very powerful application that can be used for creating high end animation. On the website of Art of Illusion, you can find the ‘Documentation’ and ‘FAQs’ section, where you can find in-depth knowledge on how to use the application through manuals and tutorials.

Here are some of the features of Art of Illusion:

  1. Since it is an open source 3D modeling application, you can download and share with your friends for free.
  2. It has got subdivision surface based tools for modeling and animating.
  3. It is a very easy to use application for skeleton based animation.
  4. Its graphical language will help you in creating textures and materials easily.

Only when you make use of this software, you will come to realize its quality. The screenshots and art gallery present on their website is enough to convince anyone as to how good the software is for 3D modeling and rendering. If you just need a simple software to create an animated photo, you can use Lunapic.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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