5 Free Websites to Create Online Business Cards

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Here are 5 free websites to create business cards online. These free websites allow you to create your own free business cards online. These websites are very easy and simple to use. All these websites are completely free.



About.me is the free web based application that allows you to create your own free business card online. The application is simple and easy to use. The application is designed to pool your basic information together to build a single on-line identity for your personal or professional use. The application, as name suggests, offers you easy to use features to describe yourself in comprehensive way and you can use this website to create elegant business card online.

The application requires you to register with the database and add the info that you would like to be mentioned in your online business card. The application is customizable and you can easily add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more social web sites in your business card. This way you will be able to provide others with a single page that would provide them your single identity.

Interestingly, the website also provides you a URL that can be used by you for distribution. The URL starts with ‘http:/about.me’ and you can suffix it with your business name that suits you. This URL can be mailed by you to your associates, colleagues, and other professional circle. The application is customizable and you can personalize your online business card with the tools and features provided by this freeware. The application helps you to edit your page by changing the background color, fonts and edit the services that you would like to link to your card.

Moreover, you can monitor the views of your profile and page with the profile stats tools provided with this freeware, you can check the profile views, profile clicks and links sent to you in response to your enquiries and others. The application is complete set of features that will help you to create single identity card online with all the necessary features and functions.

Here is a sample online business card made using About.me http://about.me/ilfs

Read more about About.me, or try free here.

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Business Card 2

business card 2

Business Card 2 is the website that offers you to create effective business card for yourself using the set of tools and functions, for absolutely free of cost. The business card created by this web application is effective and provides your associates with all the required info that would be needed by them. The application actually helps you to create free online profile that holds important business info about you and your business.

Moreover the application allows you to share your social networking sites links with your business card. You can even share your social networking feeds on your business card as well. Thus your associates can track your popularity and records online with your interactive business card created free of cost with this simple to use application.

Apart from the links you can also upload and share different types of files in your BusinessCard2 as well. These file types includes presentations, images, spreadsheets, documents, videos and more to enhance your professional portfolio and let everyone know potentials in you.

The application also helps you to integrate YouTube videos in your card; this will help you to stream your professional and promotional videos with your online business card to attract more web user. Moreover, the web application gives you portability as you can easily paste the card URL in your sites and blogs for reference. You can also share your business card created by this freeware using your mobile device.

Lastly you can use the analytical tools offered by this sophisticated software, to check your progress and other online activity, study the data to understand the effect of your BusinessCard2 account on your business.

Here is a sample online business card made using Business Card 2 http://ilovefreesoftware.businesscard2.com

Try Business Card 2 free here.



CardXC is free web based application that helps you to efficiently design and print business card using your own printer. The application is designed with intuitive business card creator and powerful printing capability so that you do not need to adjust the elements of Business card by your own. The application has in built card creator that helps you to create effective business cards with all necessary fields and info that your business associates might need.

With this freeware you customize and personalize your business card online like you can edit the layout, change background and info fonts and many other features will help you to create your own card with your preference. The comprehensive set of designing tools provides you editing features along with capability of uploading your image or artwork.

Interestingly, each of business card has a ‘print’ button which enables the user to print business card with exactly the same dimension as your credit card. You also need not adjust the length and height of the layout, the system automatically adjusts the same for you. You can also download the card in your system and mobile as Vcard that will help your associates to make record of your online business card.

Apart from above advanced features the freeware let you put your business card on your own website or social networking sites like LinkedIn so your web visitor will be able to get your Business Card  and also let them print your card. It also provides shorter URL for your profile page so you or your client will easier to remember your card URL. You can publish your profile page to other social web service with ease. This feature will help you to drag more visitors to your profile and you can easily spread your portfolio among your visitors.

Here is a sample online business card made using CardXC http://cardxc.com/ilfs/free-software-6351/

Try CardXC free here.



DooID is free web application that helps you to create interactive profile online with easy registration. You can create business card online with this freeware, along with your photo and description of your business. It helps you to create your personal business card which helps you to share your contacts with potential clients of other networking websites.

The application allows you to choose your own business card background. Also create a custom DooID page link or URL with ease and comfort. It also offers a nice user defined tools for both its free accounts. For creating interactive business card online, you just have to register for a free account with this freeware and create your DooID page, providing web services, your profile data, add-ons and layout style. However, if anyone is  interested to access your private information, then he /she needs the password to access it, which they can request via a popup window to your site, or you can send the password directly to the visitor. This feature will help you to save your personal and professional info from unwanted outsiders. You may select the info that can access by your visitor with / without password.

DooID.com provides three page layouts options for free account option. The pages provided by DooID.co are user defined, including changing wallpaper and the title fonts, text color, links, background and title. It is highly customizable and allows you to upload a background containing photo for making your card more effective and professional. You can add your business logo or business background in your business card online. Similar to other websites, DooID.com enables you to add entire range of popular website services to your page, including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Skype, WordPress, and YouTube. You can also add any other website or RSS feed not on the list of services.

Here is a sample online business card made using DooID http://dooid.com/ilfs

Try DooID free here.




Update 2022: Flavors.me no longer exists. We recommend you to try some other online business card maker.

Flavors.me is free web application that helps you to pool your basic info at one single place for making your online presence effective. Use this web application for personal use, or to create a professional online profile. The application is as simple as it come. After a basic sign up, you have to link your Flavors.me page to any of 15 online services, which includes Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as any RSS feed.

The web application is easy to use and you can effectively create your own business card with professional precision. The application has tool set, that helps you to create your personalized and customized home page for your business card purpose. The application helps you to create professional business card where you can upload and change the background by your own and personalize your card looks and details that suits best to your profession.

The application has easy sign up and small form to fill. After you fill up the form, just choose the layout of the card you want like widescreen, segments or accordions. You can change the image of your background and upload any image of your choice. You can also set up the fonts of your cards. Change the font’s colors and layout with the variety of options given by this freeware. You can style your card or keep it simple and elegant with this freeware tool set.

The application also offers you variety of web services to be linked with your business card page. You can link up to fifteen web services with your card page. All your social networking sites, websites and various URLs can be linked to your page so that your visitors can checkout your current activities by this all in one web identity card.

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