5 Free Online Time Tracking Services

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Here is a list of 5 free online time tracking services. These websites let you track and record the time that you spend on various activities and help you in utilizing your time for important things. You can track the time you spend on less important things and cut down on it over time. These websites are very much similar to 5 Free Time Tracking Software For Windows, that I have reviewed earlier. But, using these websites save you the time of downloading and installing. Let us have a brief analysis of each of these websites.

The 5 online time tracking services mentioned in this article are Toggl, Tempo, primaERP, RescueTime, and myHours.


Toggl-timing-task-online time tracking services

The first online time tracking service is Toggl. This is a very simple and easy to use website. It allows you create multiple projects and track time for them separately. You can name you project and start and stop the time according to your work time. The website will effectively record the time of your activities and compile a list of it. This list can be downloaded by you in PDF or CSV format. The website also lets a team of up to 5 people record their time. You will have to upgrade to the paid version to include more people.

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Tempo-online time tracking services

Second online time tracking service is Tempo. This website comes with a very beautiful looking interface and provides detailed information. The time chart that the website generates can be downloaded by you. Apart from providing a complete time chart, the website also provides graphs of the time you spent on different activities. You can start the timer to track your time by manually adding a project and hitting the start button when you begin working on it. Tempo is a good option if you want to record timings for small groups of workers.

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primaERP-online time tracking services

Another online time tracking service that you can use is primaERP. This is a time tracking service that can be used both at home and at work. While you are adding a project, to track time, you can add client details, tasks, and more. The website allows you to add up to 3 clients in a single project and time for all these clients is recorded separately. You can add as many projects as you want and your time sheets can be downloaded in different formats. The only limitation this website seems to have is, it tracks time for only one project at a time. You cannot track time for multiple projects using this website.

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RescueTime-online time tracking services

RescueTime is the fourth website to track time of your activities. This website is primarily meant with the aim of helping you to cut down your time on unimportant activities and move towards efficiency. It tracks the time of all the activities that you do on your PC and provides you a detailed report of it. The website even tracks the your surfing time, time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, etc. By tracking the time of all the these activities, it helps you to spend less time of them, and work on more important things. The website has both free and paid version, which obviously has more features for you.

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myHours is the fifth and final website in this list of online time tracking services. This is a very simple to use website that follows an easy 3 step process. You just have to create an account, name your projects & tasks, and the website will begin tracking time for you. The website provides two different kind of accounts; for personal use and for professional use. A professional account lets you add a team of people and track their time on different projects. The website is completely free to use and has some very interesting features to offer.

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So, try out all these online time tracking services and begin to work efficiently and wisely. Give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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