5 Website Tracker Detector Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 website tracker detector extensions for Chrome. Website trackers can end up knowing you better than you know yourself. They keep track of practically every move that people make online under the guise of improving user experience, customizing results, suggestions, etc. With the extensions mentioned on the list down below, you’ll know which website trackers are trying to spy on you when visiting a website and in some cases they will even allow you to block them if you so choose.

Let’s see what’s available exactly.


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Blur is a free website tracker detector for Chrome and it’s quite impressive, to be honest. It offers much more than just website tracker management. Password manager, credit card information manager, email protector, these are just some of the additional features that you get with this handy little extension.

Star of the show is the website tracker detector, which sits in the top right corner of the interface. While opening a website, counter on the icon will increase (as new trackers are detected). Left click on the website address to get a list of all the trackers and to unblock/allow them according to your needs.

Get Blur.

AVG Do Not Track

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AVG Do Not Track will give you a detailed breakdown of all the trackers that are tracking you on the websites that you visit.

Social trackers are present on probably every web site where you come across with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and all the other social sharing buttons. Web analytics like Google Analytics are also there. Some websites are going to have advertising trackers. They will all be detected and a list of them is going to be showed to you so that you can choose which to block and which to allow. By default, they are all blocked.

Get AVG Do Not Track.

Also, have a look at Block Online Trackers using Disconnect.

Avira Browser Safety

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Just like AVG Do Not Track, Avira Browser Safety is another website tracker extension created by a popular antivirus company, Avira.

Tracker detection is perhaps a bit more precise with Avira because there were some entries that Avira detected, but which weren’t there when testing a website with AVG Do Not Track. For example Disqus commenting system and their tracking mechanisms and ShareThis, the popular social sharer. Also, note that not all of them were blocked right away. Google Analytics was allowed to run, it was deemed as safe, so Avira tracker detector is a bit more tolerant and has a certain degree of intelligence to it, since it knows which trackers to block and which ones allow to run.

Get Avira Browser Safety.


website tracker extension chrome 4

TrafficLight is a security extension published by BitDefender. Just like with all the other extensions that I covered (Avira, AVG), it won’t just detect trackers, but also warn you about malware and other threats on the websites that you visit.

Not as many trackers were detected like it was with Avira, but the extension still detected some, but if you prefer BitDefender’s Malware protection, go with TrafficLight.

Get TrafficLight.

Also, have a look at Ghostery Browser for Android Blocks Trackers Of Websites.


website tracker extension chrome 5

Ghostery is quite the bloodhound when it comes to tracking all the various website trackers that we come across when browsing the web.

It even detected more trackers than Avira but note that it’s not as effective when it comes to malware protection as the Avira extension is. You get to choose after running it for the first time if all the trackers are going to be blocked/allowed, or you can block them according to their type advertising, analytics, beacons, privacy, widgets, etc.

Get Ghostery.


This time I’m torn between Avira and Ghostery. They are both great at what they do, and if I had to choose one, it would be Avira, but only because Avira doesn’t seem as alarmist as Ghostery appears to be. With Ghostery, everything is a threat. Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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