5 Free Online Music Library Storage Websites

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Here are 5 free online music library storage websites. These websites help you to upload your favourite music files to the Internet and access them anytime you want. All these online music library storage websites are completely free.

Amazon Cloud drive

amazon cloud drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is free web application that allows its users to upload their favourite music files to internet and access to them anytime they want. The application is easy to use and understand. The free edition of the app offers you 5GB free space online for creating free online music library with this freeware. The application works just like your hard drive with only difference that it stores your entire music file in Cloud. Thus it becomes very easy for you to access your files anytime using Internet.

With this freeware, you can store your music files online and create free online music library for yourself. Upload music files to this free ware account from your computer, and access to your music library from any other computer. You can upload any files from your computer and store them online without fear of hard drive crash or stolen laptop.

Using Cloud drive is easy thing, as you need not have any physical drive to handle and you can avoid risk of losing your file in case of losing laptop or computer failure. With this freeware you can easily and securely save all your files online which is stored in Clouds for you to stream music files online. You can download or stream music online with this free cloud drive for your music collection.

The freeware offers its free users online space of 5GB, thus you can avail up to 5GB online space for storing your music files and others. You have unlimited access to the app, as you can use this free account from anywhere in the world.

Read more about Amazon Cloud drive, or try free here.

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Music Beta by Google

music beta

Music Beta by Google is sophisticated yet easy to use and effective freeware for users who want to save their music collection in cloud for anytime access and synchronize whenever they want. You can listen to your music anywhere even in office or outdoors, since all your collection is uploaded online and stored in clouds, you just need Internet connection for accessing to your music collection.

With this freeware you can upload your music collection online and synchronize it with your portable devices anytime and anywhere you want. You even do not need any cable wires or cords for connecting to this freeware.

You can get your music collection right at your home or any other place where you go out doors. You can access your collection online and store only those tracks which you feel like in a day. The freeware will help you to avoid the worry of creating space for your music files. It lets you listen music directly from the web browser or any music enabled device.

Interestingly, if you are not connected to the Internet due to some reasons, the freeware still allows you to access to your files as the songs will be automatically available to you offline which you have recently played. You can also play song from any specific artists, albums and playlists you want when you’re not offline.

With the help of this freeware, you can manage your music collection in better way and plus your collection will be available at one single place. You need not clutter your system or portable devices with folders and files. Just easily upload your music collection right on this freeware using internet connection and store them in clouds for easy access and secure storage. Add your iTunes library or upload music files from any folder and add all of your playlists. And when you copy any new music file to your computer, it will itself  be added to your music collection online.

Try Music Beta by Google free here.



AudioBox.fm is a tool to manage, store and stream media library in the Cloud. The application is easy to manage and operate. You will find the features and functionality of the freeware useful as it provides the tools and technologies that will enable you not only to store music in clouds but also manage and organize them online. You can also listen your music files by streaming them online.

The free edition of this free ware allows you to use 1GB free space. Thus you can store music files of aggregate 1 GB online using this freeware. The application is easy to use and free. The application is a complete toolset that provides you supports for Last.fm, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Dropbox, Gigjunkie, and YouTube. With such integrations you can easily share your music files with others and get the latest updates about your friends and folks. This application works like your desktop media library with only difference that this cloud media library can be accessed from anywhere even if you are away from your system.

The free ware comes along with free web player, thus you can enjoy listening to your songs and music by streaming files online and same can be managed easily by creating playlists online. The cloud web player offered with this freeware package is easy to understand, as the interface looks familiar to any other music player.

Moreover, you can access your music collection right from your web browser. For using this freeware you just need your web browser and you can listen and play your music from anywhere. Thus you need not install or download any software for playing your music in different systems. Additionally you can also sync your Android or iOS 4+ enabled phones with this web application and take your music collection anywhere in the world.

Read more about AudioBox.fm, or try free here.



Mougg is open source program for all the users who want to access their music collection online. You can easily upload your favorite music collection to this web application which helps you to store all your music in the cloud and that music can played on any device which is connected through a wireless connection. You don’t need any software that is complicate to download and install. The application is free to use and you can create free account with this free web app. The free edition of this freeware allows you to store as much as 1 GB of storage space.

The application was developed with an idea so help users to store music files online and you can listen to music files online by streaming them. You can have an unlimited access to your music collection by using this free account with Mougg. Also sync your smart phones or Android phones with this freeware and listen to your favourite songs anytime.

Uploading your music collection with Mougg in the cloud is very simple. You just have to login with the username and password and you can upload your desired music files with this freeware. No installation no downloads required. The application lets you save all your music collection in the clouds so that you can enjoy your music anytime without using any cables and cords.

The free plan of this freeware offers you:

  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Easy to Upload Songs
  • Free iPhone & Android Apps
  • Browser Based Web Music Player
  • Facebook & Twitter Sharing Features
  • Repeat & Shuffle Songs
  • Create Playlists
  • Use this free web app without any annoying ads.

Read more about Mougg, or try free here.



Moof is another free software in our list that offers its users for free online storage of music collection. The application is free to use and you can easily create your music collection online. You can search for and listen to any song you like, online, on-demand, for free, whenever you want. The app interface is quite familiar to any other media desktop player.

You can playback and save the music files online using cloud player offered by Moof. You can share your songs online or listen them streaming online. The web application is easy to use and you can also create online playlist for enjoying your collection.

The web app interface is simple and classy. You will find it quite similar to any desktop media player. It offers al the tools and functionality of desktop media player so that you can enjoy your music from anywhere in the world without any cords and wires. It allows you to create a music library, play music and build playlist. The most appreciating feature of this freeware allows you to import your existing XML music libraries, same as from iTunes.

You can have an unlimited access to this freeware and enjoy music anytime on demand. Socialize your music collection with everyone suing the features offered by this web app. You can move your collection of music libraries online suing this simple application while enjoy them even when you don’t have your system or laptop. You can use this free ware to store your collection online in clouds rather them storing locally and save disk space. It is easy to use this simple free ware as you need not upload particular songs manually, all can be done using iTunes.

Interestingly, this free software also allows you to import your iTunes Library XML file so that you will be have a sort of a backup of your music. However, it would be honest to mention that you won’t be able to use the service to re-download the songs in case your hard drive crashes, but at least you could listen to them online.

Read more about Moof, or try free here.

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