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chrome browsing history integrated with timeline of windows 10
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This tutorial covers how to integrate browsing history with Windows 10 timeline. For this, you need to install a free extension “Windows Timeline Support” available for Google Chrome and Firefox. When this extension is installed and configured, your opened tabs are saved and visible in timeline of Windows 10.

set custom zoom level in firefox
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This tutorial explains how to set custom zoom level in Firefox. There are preset zoom levels set in Firefox which are as follows: 30, 50, 67, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 133, 150, up to 300. But, there are some interesting methods using which you can set custom zoom levels, like 41, 33, 49, etc., in Firefox.

tracking protection enable in firefox using group policy
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Here is how to enable tracking protection in Firefox using Group Policy. By default, tracking protection remains enabled only in private mode of Firefox. If you want to block tracking by websites while browsing in normal mode as well as private mode in Firefox, then Group Policy feature is handy.

disable access to configuration page of firefox using group policy
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This tutorial explains how to disable access to Firefox configuration page with Group Policy. Configuration page of Firefox contains a lot of settings like disable location access by websites, change default minimum and maximum zoom levels, etc. If you want to protect all the settings, then disable configuration page.

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