Free Firefox Send Clone to Share Files Online with End-to-End Encryption

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In this post, I will talk about a fork of legendary Firefox Send. It is called just “Send” and it based on the same open source code of the file sharing service created by Firefox. Here you can use it for secure file sharing online, and it supports files up to 10 GB in size. You can send the files to anyone you want as it gives you a shareable link that can be expired after X number of days or downloads.

Send also lets you password protect your uploads. After you upload a file for sharing purpose, you just specify the number of days or downloads it will live and set an optional password for security. Since it supports end-to-end encryption, so you can use it to share confidential files.

There is no sign up or something like that required to use it. Just access it, drop your file, and get the link. It is as simple as that. And since this is an open source tool, you can self-host it on your server and use it internally in your team. That way, you will have the complete ownership of the data.

Free Firefox Send Clone to Share Files Online with End-to-End Encryption

As I already mentioned in the beginning that there you don’t need any sign up, so just go to its homepage. Its UI is very simple, and you will see an option to upload your files.

Send Main UI

Now, you can start uploading files. Here it lets you upload multiple files, and then you can simply specify the expiration time. You can opt to automatically delete the file from the server after specified number of days. Or, you can opt to delete the files after a certain number of downloads.

firefox Send Alternative Upload files

Hit the Upload button, and it will give you a link to your files. You can now share this link with anyone you want. And based on the expiration criteria that you set, the file will be deleted from the server accordingly.

Firefox send shareable link

In this way, you can use this simple Firefox Send alternative. I don’t know why Firefox decided to suddenly shut it down but nevermind, this fork aims to revive it. Do remember that this new Send fork is no way affiliated to Firefox or Mozilla. It has the same code base and features. It also supports a command line tool for Firefox Send to upload files such as ffsend.

Closing thoughts:

If you are not happy about Mozilla’s decision to discontinue Firefox Send overnight then try this newly revived version of Send. It is based on the same code and provides some security. You can set it up on your own server or use the hosted online version. The file upload limit seems reasonable, and you just do whatever you want with it.

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