Encrypt Public WiFi with Firefox Private Network For Secure Connection

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This article talks about the Firefox Private Network that encrypts public WiFi and unsecured networks to secure and protect the connection. Firefox Private Network is launched as an extension for Mozilla Firefox web browser. The project is currently in beta phase and free to use. And, the extension is available to Firefox desktop users in the United State during the beta phase.

The extension sits in the address bar of your browser and routes the connection through a secure server. The secure server is provided by Cloudflare which has strong data privacy policies. The extension uses color codes to indicate the connection status and you can easily toggle it on/off from the extension options. With that said, let’s check it out in details.

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Encrypt Public WiFi with Firefox Private Network For Secure Connection

To get the Firefox Private Network during its beta phase simply following this link. It takes you to the homepage of Firefox Private Network where you get an option to add the extension to your Mozilla browser for desktop. So, make sure you are running the Firefox desktop browser within the United States.

Encrypt Public WiFi with Firefox Private Network

Once added successfully, a Firefox Private Network button will appear on the address bar on your browser. From there, you can access the Firefox Private Network and toggle it on/off. Now, to use this extension, you need to log in with your Mozilla account. It doesn’t necessary has to be the same account that you are using in the browser. You can use any of your Mozilla accounts or create one if you don’t have one already.

When enabled, the extension icon notifies you about the connection with the following color code:

  • Green: Firefox Private Network is on
  • Yellow: Connection needs attention
  • Faded: Firefox Private Network is off

Wrap Up:

Firefox Private Network is a new security feature by Mozilla that Encrypts your browsing from eavesdroppers and limits the websites/advertisers data collection. You can quickly turn this feature on when you are on a public or other untrusted network and toggle it off when you are on a trusted or home network. This makes you sure about your data privacy on public networks.

Note: Firefox Private Network is free to use in the beta phase. Further pricing details are not made available to the public yet.

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