Copy Links by Hovering with this Link Collector Firefox Addon

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In this article, you will read about how to copy links by hovering with this link collector Firefox Add-on. Fast Copy Links is a free Firefox addon that works like magic. Using this add-on, you can copy any link just by hovering the mouse on the main title. Suppose if you’re on YouTube and there are a lot of interesting videos to watch so instead of marking videos “watch them later”, you can simply hover your mouse on the video title and copy the link without even opening a video.

Doing so, the add-on makes a list of links in one place. You can then watch those videos later. Not just for YouTube, you can try the add-on for any platform. If you’re reading some articles, you can easily copy links without opening any article. When you open the list of links, you can then use those links to read articles.

Let’s understand how does this add-on exactly works after installation.

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hover mouse and use ctrl+c to copy links

Copy Links by Hovering with this Link Collector Firefox Add-on

In order to copy links by hovering, you can install this Firefox add-on named Fast Copy Links. Once the installation is done, you will notice an icon like Notepad.

Clicking on the add-on icon, you will see the list of all the copied links. But before making a list, let’s know about how to copy links.

Though this add-on copies link wherever you hover the mouse. Here, I’ll show a few examples.

The first example is when you use YouTube. Once the extension is installed, open YouTube. At this point what you need to do is to hover the mouse on any title that displays on the homepage. Once you hover the mouse, use keys; ctrl+c.

Doing so, the link to that video will be copied. You can view those copied links by clicking on the add-on icon. Similarly, you follow the same procedure for other titles. You can copy links of any video without even opening it. Then, you can watch them later.

It is a better solution when you want to watch so many videos. And for that, you have to set YouTube videos as watch them later. And for this, you will have to open each video.

Even when you copy the link manually, it takes more time as you have to open a video and copy-paste the link in your notes. But using this add-on, you don’t need to do like manual copy-paste links. Here you just need to hover mouse on the title of the video and use crtl+c to make a list of links.

see the copied link list clicking on the icon

To view the list of links, you can click on the add-on icon. Then, you will see all the links which you have been copied. If you to use them, you can pick links from here to watch videos.

When you use the add-on on some blog website, you can follow the same steps to copy the links. Just hover the mouse on the blog title and use ctrl+c. Then, you will notice the link gets copied in the list (when you click on the add-on icon).

In brief

Now you don’t need to copy and then paste the URLs to collect in your notes. Instead of playing a copy-paste game, you can use this add-on in your Firefox browser. Just by hovering your mouse on the main title and using Ctrl+c, copies so many links in very less time.

Install the Firefox add-on.

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