5 Best Free Screen Recording Software

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Here are 5 free screen recording software that can create compact, high quality movies of your desktop for tutorials, demos and presentations.

1. uTipu

uTipu is a thin free screen recording software that grabs your onscreen action. uTipu comes along with a default youtube uploader.

You will have to register with uTipu to use this free screen recorder. You can record your entire screen or just a small portion of it. It follows your cursor and there is a yellow translucent circle highlighting your cursor. However you can disable this if you wish to.

Screen Recording options allow you to pause and stop your recordings and it also has annotation controls allowing you to do drawings. It records the video up to 20 minutes long.

uTipu lets you to add audio narration as well to your screen recordings. There is a ‘Voice-over’ feature that allows you to redo the voice after the recording. You can edit your video to trim and select portions from your whole screen cast. It saves the files as a web standard Flash Video (FLV) format. The new version 2.0 has provided an option to save the file in AVI format too. If you want to save in any other format, you can use this free video converter.

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uTipu provides a server space up to 250MB for free hosting of your screen recordings. Expert users can play with frame rate control and VNC server setup to record screens on remote computers. The new TipCam v2.0 include multi-language support. For a freeware screen recording tool uTipu provides enough features to work with. Try uTipu by following the link.

2. BB FlashBack Express

Blueberry FlashBack Express is free screen capture software that helps you to create high quality screen video in real time. You can export you file to Flash or AVI format.

You have options either to capture the full window or a specific framed region in your screen. You can set to capture sound from an attached microphone, PC speaker or from other sources and you can even use a webcam to capture video. Once you are done with your screen recording, you can easily share your files by uploading it to youtube, Blip.tv, Viddler, and Revver. You can also embed the video in a webpage.

BB FlashBack Express allows you to review your recording frame by frame. The playback of your screen capture would look the picture shown below.

You can customize number of frames per second. The lower the frame rate the smaller the size of the file. This freeware does a decent job in capturing your computer screen. Reach out to BB FlashBack Express free screen capture software.

3. CamStudio

CamStudio is yet another free screen recording software that runs on Windows OS. This free screen recorder comes with a very simple and easy to use interface which any beginner can start with.

CamStudio allows you to have screen captions to your recordings and also a video annotation feature to personalize your recordings. You can also capture through webcam with this software. The files can only be stored as Flash ie. it only support SWF or AVI format.

You can record the whole screen or just a region of it and can also reduce or increase the quality of your recording based on what size video you want. CamStudio also comes with a Loseless Codec that results in a much smaller file size.

Find CamStudio tool by following the link.

4. Jing

Jing is a great piece of software that’s freely available to capture your onscreen activity. It’s designed to run on Windows and Mac platform.

Jing is a light weight program. As you open the application a small yellow icon sits on the top middle of the desktop screen. Hover your mouse over it three more circles come to view. One circle is to capture image or video, middle circle is to view the history and the third circle provides you with more options.


You can start capturing your screens anytime just with a mouse click. It will get you the best quality video files in an appealing size. You can share your files with Screencast.com or Flickr. You can also directly share it through Twitter, email or IM. Try out Jing project free screen capture software by following the link.

5. ScreenToaster

ScreenToaster is unique web based screen recorder that makes it possible to make videos and screen casts for free. There is nothing to download with this software.

Start by logging into your account. Hit the Red button and wait for the java applet to load. Of course this takes quite a long time. Once this step is done, you are ready to record. When you are finished recording you can edit it by adding subtitles to it.

Update (28-Aug-2012): ScreenToaster has been shut down.

You can share your video with youtube or upload it to ScreenToaster. You can also download the video to your computer. Though it does lack editing or trimming features, it’s worth giving it a try when you don’t have any other option to download or install a file. Find ScreenToaster free computer screen recorder by following the link.

Other web based online screen recorders that you can try are: ScreenJelly, and ScreenCastle.

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  • Great review, thanks, I have tried 2 or 3 and settled on CamStudio, its quick and light to use, and produces high quality videos

  • Joshua

    ScreenVirtuoso PRO is now FREE for Personal use. one of the best and finest screen recording tool.


    • Dmitry Fetisov

      Thanks, man, that software is just what I have been looking for!

  • womble

    the camstudio was a pointless download. got a .zip folder full of various files, WITH NO INTSTALLER and no obvious information as to what the hell to do with it all. deleted it without bothering.
    and it isnt really free! u have (if u ever figure out how to instal it if you aint a wizzkid) only 20 days to use then have to register!
    waste of time.

    • Jiggy

      You can download the installer version here: http://space.dl.sourceforge.net/project/camstudio/legacy/Camstudio2-0.exe

      Not sure about the 20 days bit, just downloaded it yestrday, not happy with it, frame rate is pathetic. But it could be my PC, not sure.

    • WedanganKita

      Disagree with you. I have been using CamStudio for 2-3 months. No registration needed. Maybe you downloaded another software. If you go to its official software. You’ll get the installer. It is easy to install and use. There are also tutorials on its forum to upgrade the frame rate, video and audio quality setting, etc.

    • 2Sharp

      Been using CamStudio for 6 months and no registration necessary? Not sure what you downloaded? Maybe malware or something?

  • Jerry

    @David: Absolutely agree with you: Screencast-o-matic is an online tool better than any others listed above.
    For an offline tool, you can try ActivePresenter @ http://atomisystems.com
    It allows adding voiceover, callouts, annotations, videos, quizzes…

  • Jonathan

    Have anyone tried any screen recording software which creates high quality videos with small file size and does not have any attached other web toolbars? Can anyone point me with any links?

    • TheHMFreak

      yes I have. its called BandiCam. Although there are ALWAYS downs. The downs are that it can only record fr 10 minutes unless u register, and that its logo “www.Bandicam.com” is on the top of the screen. Besides that, it is absolutely smooth and its output video size is really small.

    • onequestionatime

      TechSmith Jing (Freeware) and Camtasia Studio (Paid) are good apps, to create high quality videos. http://onequestionatime.blogspot.in/2012/05/0-best-screen-recording-screencast.html

  • onequestionatime

    Jing and CamStudio are good apps, but if you want to go for a power packed full fledged screen recording and editing, including transitions, menus etc. go for Camtasia Studio. Its paid buts it worth it. http://onequestionatime.blogspot.in/2012/05/0-best-screen-recording-screencast.html

  • So easy to use, that is the software that I have been looking for!

  • I have tried, it works very perfectly

  • Is it really free?
    So great!

  • It is really very nice to use, thanks for sharing with us!

  • mperpetua212

    please add Ezvid Freeware Screen Recorder for Windows to your list http://www.ezvid.com/free-screen-recording
    it has been working great so far and love its functionality, plus very easy to use 

    • puppyspirit36

      I tried it a couple days ago. The audio wasn’t synched right. That alone made me not want to use it because I do Youtube uploads and people are going to be pretty confused if I look at a mountain and then say “Ooh look a mountain” 5 seconds later.

  • elrhon

    thanks for sharing

  • elrhon

    thanks for sharing

  • elrhon

    thanks for sharing


    FUCK THIS IS shit

  • Akash

    good software


    yeah just used camstudio well now after I closed it to view my test run it want open again and only a fraction of the files will uninstall an when I used it my screen started flickering in negative. so this is probley all just a waste if you read this

    • Theaku Erin

      same thing happened to me

  • Beware, the camstudio link here leads to an infected download.

  • Shelby

    The top one won’t download! It says “Preparing to Install” and it doesn’t.

  • puppyspirit36

    I’ve tried 2 of these, and here are my reviews:
    #2) Blueberry Flashback Express- It’s good enough. No watermark, audio overlay’s not delayed, quality’s overall not too bad. It’s simple. The downside: it only records, like, 10 FPS (frames per second) on older computers like Windows Vista (and maybe some newer computers, too.) It’s more for casual recording/uploading.
    #3) Camstudio- Ugh. Don’t even bother. It wouldn’t download the setup files to my computer, then when I ran it straight from the site, it wouldn’t install, I kept needing administrator permission (which I have), the file couldn’t be found, etc.
    If you don’t mind a watermark/time limit, I recommend Screencast-O-Matic. It’s not even a download, so it saves memory for whatever you need it for. Uploads straight to Youtube, can save to AVI format, and (my biggest seller) doesn’t use enough RAM to lag games that require a lot of memory/RAM (such as Minecraft) much!
    If you would prefer no watermark, Blueberry’s the way to go. (Either that or point a camera at your computer.)

  • Virusdecteotr

    Okay. This website is fishy. The cam link to the download is malware and has no installer. simply goto
    the actual website by typing in camstaia screen recorder. No signing up. Action is great aswell but only is free for 30 days. Bandicam is good as well

  • Don Corleone


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