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ScreenCastle is an excellent piece of free online screen recording software that records the actions on your screen from within your browser. There is no need to download any software; simply clicking the button in the browser starts the ball rolling and gets you recording.

Screen recording software is usually a hit and miss area. Sometimes you will get a good quality recording at the end, whereas sometimes it will not work at all. Often these programs require a payment to the company who make them, so free screen recording software is fairly thin on the ground. This one though is an absolute gem.

ScreenCastle User Interface

Its most endearing feature is the fact that this free screen recorder resides completely within the browser. There is no need to download anything onto your computer as the entire recording process works around your browser. You simply click the button and the recording process begins. From there, you simply need to press a few more buttons and it begins to record what is happening on your screen. This works a lot like other free online screen recording software we reviewed earlier: ScreenToaster, and ScreenJelly.

Once you have stopped the recording, you will be presented with the ability to save or preview your created screencast. Having finished saving, you will be presented with a series of links to your file so as to make it easy to view and embed your file or provide preview images to be posted on forums. The fact that these are provided for you instantly is a fantastic feature as it makes sharing of your video so much easier.

This feature goes even deeper as hovering over any of the boxes containing code provides a helpful tip on screen, telling the user exactly what each of the codes is used for and where it should be posted. This shows that the program caters to the novice as well as the seasoned computer user.

Perhaps the only drawback with this program is the fact that it can sometimes be slow to save longer screencasts. We suspect that this is highly dependent on your internet connection and it will vary depending on your machine. In that case, you can use a screen recording software that is installed on your machine, like, Camstudio Free and uTipu.

So to conclude, ScreenCastle is one of the best examples of free screen recording software we have come across and it is definitely a program that we would recommend to anyone.

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