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I had received a message on Twitter to check out ScreenJelly. I found it pretty interesting, and simple to use. ScreenJelly is a free web-based screen recorder. You just go to ScreenJelly’s website, click the recording button, and that’s it. It will start recording your screen, as well as audio.

Screenjelly Free Screen Recorder

When you go the ScreenJelly website for the first time, it installs a small applet on your computer. After that, you can just hit the recording button and start recording. Once you are done with recording, ScreenJelly gives you a URL of your recording. You can share that URL with your friends, or directly tweet from ScreenJelly itself.

As you would have realized till now, ScreenJelly makes it really easy to record your screen, and share your recordings. It does comes with its set of limitations, though: The recording can be upto 3 minutes, you cannot select an area of screen to record – it always records complete screen, and the video cannot be uploaded to any other video sharing website (like YouTube). I wish they do away with all these requirements in future.

Overall, ScreenJelly is a nice concept. It is totally free, and a good web-based screen recorder. Its strength lies in its simplicity – you just have to click a button to start recording and automatically upload. ┬áIf you are looking for more sophisticated free screen recorders, you might want to check out CamStudio Free or Jing.

You can try ScreenJelly here.

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  1. Thanks for the great post! About the “limitations” you mentioned, they are by design. For the features you want, we do have another service called ScreenToaster (, that does not have a 3-minute limit, allows youTube uploads, and allows screen area selection. ScreenJelly is designed to remain extremely simple for quick and disposable recordings that are meant to capture information for the purpose of sharing it, but do not require a high production value.

    • admin

      @zegig: Thanks for dropping by, and clarifying on the limitations. What you have said does makes sense. I would still say that at least the 3-minute limit can be gotten rid of.

      BTW – I checked ScreenToaster, and it looks like an amazing service. I will add that also to my website shortly.

  2. ScreenJelly IS NO MORE.

    Instead, try downloading and installing “Workspace” from

    On the Workspace toolbar, click the “Toolbox” button and choose “Record & Playback.” – This is a free screen recorder that also captures audio of unlimited length. Files are saved in .AVI format and can be uploaded instantly to YouTube or a web page.

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