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  • David

    Try out accountingdes. It is a freeware too. Simple interface, greater reporting features.

  • Ned Lilly

    Not sure how you missed xTuple PostBooks – the #1 most active project on Sourceforge for over a year: http://sf.net/projects/postbooks

  • http://www.millingtonandcompanycpas.com Doug Millington

    With all the accounting software applications on the market today I find it amazing the number of free apps that are ouut there. As one who works with small businesses day-in and day-out my main worry with free apps for such a critical part of any business is the support and long term viability of these free models. However, I appreciate you putting together this list – I need to spend some time and review these apps to see if I would consider recommending them to clients.

  • Anthonyc

    Great post Binny. I have a new business I am launching and I am looking for online accounting application and crm.  I need a system that can be white labelled, and we can host ourselves. It needs to be able to do payroll etc Secure, clients can log in and see their accounts, calendar, notes and rate our staff. The administrator needs to be able to log in and see aggregate information. If we can import quick book or myob files that be fabulous. Any idea which of the systems would best suit me?

    • Daniel

      Anthony – did you ever find the solution to your question? I’d be interested to know what you picked.

  • http://openacct.ca Fred Blauer

    Good article. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, and I evaluated many of them. I ended up choosing xtuple. Everyone has different needs, however you really should evaluate xtuple postbooks. It has the commercial grade support options that Doug is concerned about, and it should be on your short list. I am running this system for my own accounts, and have several clients up and running live. There are a number of advantages over the traditional proprietary systems.

  • http://digitalexperts.net fahad

    does any one of the above mentioned accounts software contains serial bar code reader functionality. so if we scan bar-codes of the products the stock maintained automatically.

  • http://www.simple-accountz.com Maha

    SIMPLE ACCOUnTZ 100% Free accounting software
    http://www.simple-accountz.com – Most simple, easy to use, flexible & free software

    Only one form to enter all transactions but you can generate all reports (cash register, bank register, purchase register, sales register & journal book). You can print vouchers (neat & clean), professionally designed. Even school students can use this double entry accounting system with no formal training. With click of button, you can run trail balance, profit & loss account (any date / as of date) and Balance sheet. You can create purchase orders for issuing to vendors. You can raise invoice & bill your customers.
    All features, free of cost and no hidden charges.

  • http://www.amarnathonline.co.in Rockystar

    Good article to choose with the free accounting software. Got to know with the pro and cons of these software’s. Also found this article to be interesting.

  • Linda

    I’m looking for free accounting software that allows you to make time entries for clients and then reduce the amount from the liability account for that client. What can you suggest?

  • Moniya

    Thanks for nice post. I am looking for school accounting software. Does anyone have any idea pls reply me asap.


  • http://www.fetchflow.com Mike

    Nice.. but let me suggest 100% Free invoicing solution at http://www.fetchflow.com.
    Try it and see if you like it :-)

  • http://www.choose-your-accountant.co.uk Jon @ Tax Accountants

    Given the price of Sage, and how much trouble is gave me in my last company, I think I will check out one of these for my new startup.

  • Mear Technology Limited

    Personally I have switched to http://www.quickfile.co.uk which is 100% free but linked to an accountant so if you need professional services they are there when you need them. So far been really impressed and consider it equal to FreeAgent and Xero which are both paid hosted account applications

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com ishan

      @Mear Technology Limited This sounds like an interesting concept :)

      • Mear Technology Limited

         @ishan I have been using it about 8 months now and have little to complain about.

  • huerlisi

    We’re maintaining Yet Another Open Source ERP ™ called Bookyt. It can handle debit invoices, credit invoices, projects with timelogs, swiss salary management, and much more. It’s Open Source and built on Ruby On Rails. Demo is at https://bookyt-demo.cyt.ch/en/users/sign_in.

  • Er1c

    This is one of the most outdated articles I have ever read online. Half of the programs you talk about are gone, why don’t you update this??????

    • Mear Technology Limited

       @Er1c I agree the article is a bit out of date but some of the comments at the bottom of the article are quite useful. I have been using http://www.quickfile,co.uk for about 9 months now and have not paid a penny towards it. It is by far the best free account app I have used. Especially given that support is available and thus far fee!
      For paid solutions I would give http://www.freeagent.com or http://www.xero.com/ a try my favorite being Free Agent.
      For more info about my company visit http://www.meartechnology.co.uk

  • Somaiyah

    I am having a problem with maintaining books with multiple currencies. My sales and receipts are done in USD, however my expenses and every other part of the running is in my local currency.  My company is a start up, so i dnt really need a dynamic erp, i just want a basic double entry that will help me maintain a two currencies. Any advise or referrals as to what software may be best for me? Thanks

  • djupscale

    i am a small online business and i am looking for an accounting / invoice software that can be tied to a shoppingcart …
    I currently have to take the order that is placed on line and manually create and invoice.  seeking something that can be synced with what the customer does on line and tie right into an invoice.  many of my orders are partial upfront payments or PO’s … any advice?

  • http://www.replicon.com/time-clock Time Clock Software

    Are these tools similar to Mint? A free accounting tool.

    • James Conyer

      Mint is a personal finance manager and not sufficient for accounting purposes.

  • http://www.replicon.com/time-clock Time Clock Software

    Are these tools similar to Mint? A free accounting tool.

  • http://www.replicon.com/time-clock Time Clock Software

    Are these tools similar to Mint? A free accounting tool.

  • Melissa Evans

    Thanks for the insightful post. I use Talygen, a web-based time tracking software. Accurate and efficient.

  • Mohit Mohan

    Mint is basically a personal finance manager, it’s not a full-fledged accounting software. We do have reviewed Mint as well, check it out http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/12/windows/productivity/finance/mint-best-free-online-personal-finance-management.html