Trend Micro Email Encryption Service to Encrypt Emails

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We had recently reviewed a free software called Gold Lock Desktop that secures your email communication. Here is another free software to encrypt your emails – Trend Micro Email Encryption Service. Trend Micro Email Encryption Client is a free plugin for Microsoft Outlook which allows you to have a secure email communications with other contacts.

Email communications that involve regular mail such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail is transferred in the clear so that it becomes susceptible to hackers, and eavesdroppers. With Trend Micro Email Encryption Service, you no longer have to worry about people reading your email because it will protect your email privacy. Trend Micro Email Encryption uses secure 256-bit AES encryption

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To encrypt a message in Microsoft Outlook, you simply have to click on the Send Private button. Trend Micro Email Encryption Client can also be used to encrypt any attachment that uses the 256-bit AES. The 256 AES encryption is the similar encryption standard that is used by the U.S. government agencies.

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To start using Trend Micro Email Encryption Client, you need to register your product online otherwise it will not work. While you are registering for the product, an encryption key will be created for you. The encryption key will be used to make your email private.

The email clients that are compatible with Trend Micro Email Encryption Client include Outlook XP, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook Express 6. Trend Micro Email Encryption Client is compatible with Internet Explorer  and Mozilla Firefox. Trend Micro Email Encryption Client can run on multiple operating system including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista. Users are required to connect to the internet for distribution of the encryption key, configuration and checking updates.

Trend Micro Email Encryption Client is completely free and available to the public. Trend Micro Email Encryption Client ensures your emails are not hacked on their way to their destination.

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  • Doug

    Another email encryption option is Voltage SecureMail.

    Voltage SecureMail can easily send encrypted email to anyone.

    Voltage SecureMail has Outlook plug-ins or you can use a web interface for sending encrypted email. Messages are completely controlled by the sender and recipient in their sent folder and inbox. No messages are stored on servers.

    Recipients don’t need any special software to decrypt and read their messages, just a browser. And recipients don’t need to pay to read their email. In fact, they even get free support from Voltage. It’s much easier to use than PGP, S/MIME or other older solutions…and just as secure…which is probably why they can afford to offer free support to their customers and recipients…unlike those other solutions.

    It’s an ideal solution to help address state privacy regulations in Massachusetts and Nevada as well as the more general HIPAA, SOX, PCI requirements, etc.

    There is a free trial at:

    • @Doug: That is quite a shameless advertising for Voltage. However, it is not free, so I would rather stick with Trend Micro :)

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