• David Shen

    I tried xnview, irfanview and faststone and I found one feature in Irfanview that is much better than that of xnview and faststone: printing. When you try to print a multi-page tiff file, Irfanview handles much much better than xnview.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @David: Thanks for the feedback; that is indeed a useful aspect of IrfanView.

  • zega

    IrfanView is the best, it has great one letter shortcuts, it is powerful and it has thumbnail view (just press t).
    Super fast and with very decent editing options!
    I use it for over 10 years now, that is one of the first programs that i install on my every new computer.
    Every one i showed this SW is now very satisfied user of it!

  • Rab

    I tried these image viewers but viu2.0.0.950.beta was the fastest and simpliest image viewer I used. need not to be installed, just set as —

    • ishan_ilovefreesoftware

      Rab – We will check out Viu.