5 Free Photo to Cartoon Converter

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Here are 5 free photo to cartoon converters that can convert photo to cartoon online. You just need to upload your photo, and these web cartoon software will convert photo to cartoon. Converting photo to cartoon is a nice way to have some fun. You can also use those cartoons in your profile pictures in Facebook, and Twitter.

All these photo to cartoon websites are completely free.


Cartoonize.net is free online photo to cartoon converter that will easily and quickly convert photographs into cartoon effects. You can create interesting cartoon pics out of your own photos using this website. The website usage is just free and also does not require any sign ups or installation. Using this photo2cartoon website is very easy and simple that even a novice can use the app.

The freeware photo to cartoon does not require you to install any app, just simply upload your pics and cartoonize them instantly in a simple click. The free photo to cartoon online converter also let you upload pic from disk/ desktop or directly from URL. The photos are instantly converted into cartoons that you will get very fine and clean cartoon effect of your original photo. You can save them on your disk and post them to your friends and family for funny moments. The color set and effect used in the app for producing output are just apt for the cartoon effects of the pictures.

The photo to cartoon converter is completely web-based and can be used directly from your web browser. Use the app and convert your pics into comical effects. Cartoonize Net is a fun way to create new comic pictures when you want some fun over online with your own snap or for your friend’s snap. Try Cartoonize.Net.

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befunky is another free online photo to cartoon converter that will allow you to create some beautiful and creative pictures out of normal pictures into cartoon effects that will make your funny photos more funny. Though the app is not completely free but still it allows your to create free cartoon effectual pictures for free with some restricted effects types. The app requires sign in only for members but if you want some immediate pictures in cartoon effects for whatsoever work, you can rely on this simple web app.


Use this app, simple straight from your web browser as mentioned it is a free web application. The app is designed with some advanced tools and technique, which not only gives you, feature for adding cartoon effect to your pic but also let you edit and fix some common problems in your snap before adding some cartoon effect to them. You can easily add cartoon effects from the effect panel on the left of the app window and apply changes.

The cartoonizer effect of the freeware is offered in two different color modes for free users. You can use any one of them to add effect to your picture. You can also edit some settings on your pic after the application makes their own image. Adjust the detail and preview them on the spot to save your valuable time. Try befunky.

Kuso Cartoon

Kuso Cartoon is free online photo to cartoon converter that offers you fast and simple way to convert your pictures into cartoon effects still giving the variety of styles and colors that you can add to your pictures. You can easily convert photos to cartoon effects images.

How to convert photo to cartoon?

  • The application offers free users to choose among six types of color combination to select a style you want to draw cartoon
  • Upload pics from your desktop
  • View and adjust your cartoon picture after it gets converted, this feature will enable you to adjust your snaps accordingly

After you have converted your pictures from normal to comic style, you can save them on your disk or just share them with your friends for funny stories or just for fun. You can create your own cartoon comics using yourself as artist and using your friend’s snaps as other characters if the comic. The application is fun way of using talent and creativity that you have in you, or in your child. Try Kuso Cartoon. Also check out free online comic maker.

Cartoon Photo!

Cartoon Photo! is another simple photo to cartoon tool for converting your best photos to cartoons online. The application is designed with some tools and techniques that you might want while you are converting picture into cartoons. The application not only cartoonize your snaps but also add some amazing effects to your cartoon images like face morphing.

Cartoon Photo

While you are cartooning your friend’s, snap for gifting them on their birthday or just for fun, then you must use this web application which is completely free and loaded with very interesting features. The application does not require sign ups or installation and you can use this freeware right from your web browser. The app has added feature of adding morphing effects to your portrait photographs. You can add animated emotions like smiling, sadness, winking effects to your pictures, which give it, look as if the pic is itself come to its life and delivering emotions.

The app is fun way to be close to your loved ones. Edit, crop, add animated effects to your pictures, and add them to your profile for your friends to see. However, the app also gives you option for adding only emotions and you can avoid usage of animations. The freeware gives you three simple ways to add effects as you can add face morphing, cartoon effects and face cropping can be done. Try Cartoon Photo.

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Dumper is another online photo to cartoon converter that offers you pencil sketch cartoons of your original pictures. Select a photo from your any database, upload photo from URL, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or directly from your desktop. The application is very easy to use and intuitive one. The freeware converts your photos to life-like pencil sketch. You can easily sketch away your snaps and family snaps and gift it to your loved ones and amaze them by such creative ideas.

Select an image from the database and continue with your adding effect to your snaps. The application is very fast and quick in conversion. The application is so simple that even a novice can use it with proficiency as user need not do anything in the freeware, just upload your picture, and press Continue tab below the picture upload. Your upload picture will soon be converted into image bearing cartoon effect.

The pencil sketch cartoon looks more creative and lively when you have some presentations or project work to do. Try Dumper.

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