5 Best Free GIF Animators to Create Animated GIF

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Here are 5 Best Free GIF animator that let you create animated GIF images. These free gif animation maker are easy to use, and make a difficult task like animating gif images look easy.

Beneton Movie GIF

Beneton Movie GIF is free GIF animator that allows you to create beautiful animated GIF images for your projects and greeting cards. The freeware gif animation maker has all the features you want that will offer you easy steps and procedures to create animated GIF images. You can use any image file as an input as the freeware supports 48 file formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and AVI. Easily create images in animated GIF format that will suit your presentations and for personal work.

Beneton Movie GIF

The main interface is very simple. On the right side of the interface, you will be able to see window pane for normal and animated effects. Select multiple frames at a time for time-saving. The freeware gif animator also provides you with many editing tools that you might need for your images and then start selecting the frames for quick GIF images without using any external hardware or software. This animated gif maker is completely free of cost and simple to use.

Some of the main features of the free animated gif maker:

  • Drag and drop effect frames for a quick editing
  • Twenty different effects for beautiful GIF animations
  • Supports individual frame properties
  • Save and load a batch of frames
  • A complete built-in image editor with many tools like pencil, shapes, airbrush, alpha brush, fill, selection, text
  • A simple preview window that previews individual frames or the animation with options such as zoom, loop, etc

Read more about Beneton Movie GIF, or download free here.

Falco GIF Animator

Falco GIF animator is freeware animated gif maker that is available free of cost and supports extensive tools and techniques that you may use to draw and edit animated GIF images. The freeware is powerful and lets you create GIF animations for your work in professional manner. It handles popular file formats used to store multiple icons of various sizes and all possible color systems.

This easy gif animator permits wide variety of image files that can be used to create animated GIF. You can load DLL/EXE, BMP, GIF (Animated), PNG, JPG, ICO, CUR, ANI, TARGA, PSD (Photoshop), PCD (Kodak), TIFF, ICL (Icon Library) files. Perform unlimited undo and redo operations with the freeware and use array of editing tools that will enhance your images and clear them in better way. Some of the editing tools offered by the app are: Pencil, Line, Text, Rectangle, Spray, Ellipse, Filled Rectangle, Filled Ellipse, Fill Tool, Selection Tool, Color Selection Tool, Lasso Selection Tool, Hue Selection Tool, Blur, Eraser.

This gif animation maker is very simple to use and can be used by naïve and professionals. This tool also allows you to export, edit, and manage icons and other small images. Preview you file after creation and add effects to your animations.

Read more about Falco GIF Animator, or download free here.

Microsoft GIF Animator

Microsoft GIF Animator is free GIF animator that allows you to create beautiful GIF animations for your web pages and presentations. Animated GIF is fun for others as still photographs are presented in motions, which is eye-catching and contain one or more images that display sequentially to produce an animated effect. The easy gif animation maker is easy to use and includes all the tools that you will find helpful while creating GIF.

The main interface of the freeware is simple and intuitive. Free GIF Animator includes a toolbar, animation frames, display column, a scroll bar, and three tabs:

  • Options Tab
    • The Options tab controls the way GIF animator manages your files.
    • Animation Tab
      • The Animation tab controls characteristics of your animation.
      • Image Tab
        • The Image tab controls characteristics of individual frames in your animation
        • Dragging it in from the Image Composer workspace
        • Pasting it in from the Clipboard into a frame
        • Opening an existing GIF file from within GIF Animator

Read more about Microsoft Gif Animator, or download free here.


Picasion is free online GIF animator creator for easy GIF creation. This free web-based animated gif maker can create animated GIF in seconds. The gif animator is web-based and you need not install any interface for using this app. When you have some urgent animated GIF to make and you have no time to install a software than definitely this app would come to rescue. Use this app is three simple steps:

  • Upload your pics: the app will allow you to upload three pics at a time for creating your animated  GIF. Also the web app allows you to upload snap from your computer, URL or web cam instantly.
  • Decide the size of the GIF you want which varies from normal to big to advanced where you can mention your own size of the GIF.
  • Determine the speed of the frames that create your GIF and finally click onto the ‘Create animation’ tab.

The web app will quickly make animated GIF image for you and you can preview your image easily on the spot. Not only the image but also the app will provide you the URLs so that you can directly import the animated GIF created by you in the web pages, blog posts, BBCode for forum/board and URL to link your snap with your other contents.

Try Picasion here.

Also check out free photo organizers, and free bulk image resizer.


GIFUp is another free online GIF animation maker programmed to run in your web browser and allows you to create easy GIF for your projects. The freeware is web-based so you need not download any application and start your GIF image creation right in your web browser. However, unlike other app that requires you to install, does not offer wide range of editing tools, still the freeware gif maker is handy and creates animated GIF in seconds.

Upload your pic from webcam, computer, Flickr or from any web site for creating meaningful animations. When you upload pics, the frames get set in order of your uploads. You can drag and drop the frames accordingly and adjust settings of the pics for your convenience. Adjust the size, speed of the frames in the GIF and add tags to the GIF created by you.

You can create quick GIF and edit them on the spot if they are not up to your mark. The app is handy and very simple to use. The web app is designed to give you full freedom of use. Try GIFUp here.

All these free gif animator are extremely easy gif animator. Create cool animated images with these free gif animation maker.

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