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  • Heywood

    Try “Evolution,” It was developed for Linux systems, and now available for Windows.


  • Todd

    Nice list – eM Client is by far my favorite. Have completely removed all traces of MS Office using eM Client and OpenOffice 3.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Todd: My favorite combination is Zimbra Desktop and OpenOffice. I stick with Zimbra because it is the only email client that can check Yahoo mails also.

      • mosu24

        any mail client support yahoo as pop3; if you want it to work as imap you just have to set your yahoo account from whatever area you are to “asia” then modify your Y! mail options to imap. Its easy and it works great. btw Zimbra sux bigtime comparing to Thunderbird or E-M client and also has security leaks(e-m client too).

  • http://www.descarca-jocuri-gratis.com/ Ciprian

    Thank you for this list, I also think that Thunderbird is the best. This is a very good website.

  • Ronald Nissley

    You may also want to check out Pimero. It includes a free edition for personal use.
    I’m not an employee of soft-evolution GmbH & Co. or affiliated with Pimero in any way.

  • http://www.audileasespecials.com Thomas

    Im dying to try Thunderbird. But where can I find of list of email clients it supports. I need Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Hotmail. CAn Thunderbird access all of these?

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Thomas: Thunderbird does not supports Yahoo Mail. Only Zimbra Desktop supports that (use search box at top to search for that).

    • David Clark

      thunderbird is a waste of time. When you have over 100 emails it is not able to do anything until it downloads every email even spam. I have been trying it now for a couple of months and it is not all that. Still looking for a email client.


    I have again given up on Yahoo email.


  • Allen MacCannell

    It is important to announce that EmailTray at http://www.emailtray.com has now advanced to being a full fledged smart (and free) email client from its previous status as an email notifier.

    This client has 4 Inboxes where a smart algorithm sorts email from many various accounts into Top Priority, Low Priority, No Priority and Spam Inboxes (not just folders).

  • mosu24

    another open-source Thunderbird clone is Spicebird. it’s pretty good except the addons

  • Carola Grassini

    I have to say: best email service is, by far, Gmail. It works smoothly and gives you a big spectrum to operate with different apps that empower and facilitate your daily work. I, for example, been using mxHero Chrome extension. Not only for free, it has a variety of functions, like attachments trackin, reply timeout and private delivery.

  • Dean

    What email client would you recommend for checking my personal POP3 account AND my work email on an Exchange server?