• dinesh

    Try SRWARE IRON.its free and more secure…

  • http://usetools.net alexsupra

    maxthon (myie2) is not web browser at all.
    that is collection of stuff that uses internet explorer kernel. thus if you use maxthon browser illusion that means only one thing: you still use internet explorer (version that installed in your system) with all its bugs, security problems, low perfomance, but tweaked interface.
    maxthon is just alternative internet explorer gui.
    this is wellknown fact that ie is not better than firefox and chrome so maxthon is not better too. thats all.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @alexsupra: I do not agree with many statements in your comment, including “wellknown fact” that IE is not better than Firefox or Chrome. In the corporate world, IE is still the preferred browser. There are many applications that simply do not work on Firefox or Chrome (I am saying it from my thorough experience in testing applications across browsers).
      Regarding Maxthon not being a web browser .. try to use it first – you will surely like it.

      And for the record: I use Chrome for my normal use, Firefox for doing technical stuff that requires plugins. And in office, I use IE for my complicated web apps. So, I know exactly the strength and weakness of each first hand.

  • http://usetools.net alexsupra
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