• Varun

    Ishan, thanks for writing about us. Just thought I'd add that HomeCamera is transitioning to a new site and a new name: GotoCamera. This site is at http://www.gotocamera.com – new features include streaming video… and it's a more "usable" site than our old HomeCamera site. HomeCamera subscribers can login to GotoCamera using their HomeCamera user ID and password. The old Client software will also continue to work with GotoCamera – but, for best results, subscribers should download and install the new streaming-enabled GotoCamera Client.

    – Varun Arora
    Founder, HomeCamera / GotoCamera

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/ilovefreesw ilovefreesw

      @Varun: Thanks for dropping by, and providing this information.

  • Olw

    Here's a free lightweight one: http://watchinator.com

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  • http://optimum.net kerry

    you only get what you pay for

  • Kelly Forgol

    I have tested a couple of webcam surveillance software packages and I liked the free VM version of C-MOR, http://www.c-mor.com most.


  • http://www.uniargusstore.com UniArgus

    HI Ishan,
    My company also provide a free trial version of our surveillance software. It is very powerful and user friendly. Please come to http://www.uniargusstore.com/ and try our UniArgus Express Lite. You feedback will be very precious for us!
    Thank you very much!

    Best Regards,
    Sales Supervisor of UniSVR

  • http://www.mycameralink.com foobarazz

    Found this one http://www.mycameralink.com, definitely worth a try.

  • kerry

    yawcam seems to have eberything the rest of them have.
    a 5 year old can run it. that simple. the web. motion
    alerts. movie maker. and you can edit it to your like
    i use it and its good. not fancy. just good

  • oops

    GOTOCAMERA is NOT free… 7 day ‘free’ trial and then streaming stops.

  • http://www.live2phone.net sunil mishra

    just try this its a best in this categery.

  • Joe1024

    Webcam Zone Trigger has a free trial that lasts a few weeks. Its a pretty good software that deserves mention…

  • Quang

    iSpy is an opensource camera security software. I’ve been using it for about a month now and it seems to be working quite well. However, having four IP cameras monitored at the same time on a low powered laptop it does chew up 50-75% CPU. If you have a recommended computer, that should not be an issue.

    Its website is: http://www.ispyconnect.com/

  • iyr

    go to camera only records 20 seconds when it detects motion, which sucks to use for security. ispy is by far the best ive tryed

  • Darren

    Hi there i have a CPW00017 CIG webcam and i can’t find the correct software for it please can anyone help me.

  • Simonton

    There is one excellent and free software ‘ContaCam’ and it supports many cameras.
    Get it from here http://www.contaware.com/content/view/44/46/

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Neal/100000466325162 Jim Neal

      I agree, I used ispy for awhile then discovered Contacam and found it much easier to use and more stable.

      • Prince-W

        i agree with you two. ispy vs contacam: contacam performs well, simple and stable. overall, contacam is the best choice for Best Free webcam surveillance software. experienced and used both software before.

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  • ICU

    I’ve been using Vitamin D and I really like it because it’s totally free and ultra simple. However, my only complaint is it’s a little too simple. It would be nice to have a way to adjust simple things like brightness, color, resolution etc. and it would also be nice to be able to stream it online.

    Ispy is totally feature rich and fully loaded but at the other end of the spectrum. I simply can’t run it on my little 2ghz XP laptop because it constantly crashes. If I had a more powerful PC it would be great though.

    I think I’m going to download Yawcam and see if that’s somewhere in the middle.

    Thanks for the links BTW. I always love testing out freeware.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @ICU: Thanks for your feedback about these freeware. Do let us know about your experience with Yawcam as well.

  • Bill S.

    Try iSpy (free). It has a record buffer and when it detects movement, it can record video before and after the detection as a .mp4 file.

  • dimuthu


  • http://www.facebook.com/pwinsoft Pc Winsoft

    I think it would only be fair to add 1AVMonitor to your list of remote webcam surveillance software. 1AVMonitor is truly awesome.

  • Cacarulo

    WebcamXP is not a freeware product. It only support one (1) camera in this mode. Bull of Sheit.

  • Defender

    No one has mentioned voice. I would be nice to use the microphone on your laptop to listen or speak. If you set up Skype so it answers automatically you can have your web cam an two way audio for free.

  • Ernesti Kyöstilä

    Tested three of these plus Contacam. Many have gone commercial and Contacam simply stops working after a few minutes and never recovers after its first problem. Yawcam is not too good but still the only one that seems to be reliable enough for surveillance.

    Many “free” product are crippled, requiring a subscription to some commercial services and thus totally useless for casual needs.

    • Ellipsis_Elided

      I use ContaCam with several computers, XP to Win8, and have not had the problems you mention. Some of my cameras/computers run unattended for months.