• elfsun


  • wiggy

    Oh guys been fallen in love to an Avant from the new released until today year of 2010, im still using it. Why i still stick with this browser, the reason because it’s light and functions manage a good job, it really has everything that you need. For an example it allowed you to make a comparison in two products, let’s say if you found two handphone products and yet you wish to make a comparing for these two products, just simply click on “Tile All Windows Vertically” and you can see what it happens. The icons of menu bar you may add new OR make it disappear, also you can set it to small icon either BIG icon.Oh yea one more praise function is..you may pull the “Windows Tab” to Left or Right(cool) 1.61MB browser provided everything you need, why not get a try? It’s free as well.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @wiggy: Thanks for the detailed first-hand feedback about Avant Browser :)

  • andphile

    Avant is a wonderful browser. I could surf as
    I used Avant for about three weeks. Iam having trouble somewhere on my computer with Browsers in general. I have liked Avant the most of all the browsers I have had recently. I could browse ten to fourteen pages without slowing down my computer too much.

  • zaq1xsw2

    Fast and stable are the two most stable reason that I use this browser.

  • simple

    Whatever in my laptop with xp/ie6 or my desktop with win7/ie8, the latest release of avant browser rarely crashes even I keep my system and browser running for 3+ days due to working requirement. If you ever used Chrome, you’ll understand what these ybrowser.exe are for. I choose it instead of Chrome due to its stability and compatibility.

  • hgjfkdl

    Hi, I suggest you transfer to Avant Brower 2010 build 128. Much more stable, easier to use, never crash and release memory completely.

  • jude

    Excellent browser,good work.
    i used avant one years ,its so amazing .
    fast&easy to use,functionality
    now ,i used the lastest version ,2010 build 128

  • lee

    I heard Avant Browser 2010 build 128 is out. It’s very stable. No memory leak happens since I upgraded to the latest. When will Orca be upgrade as well? It’s been a while.

  • lee

    Avant is really fast for me O.o

  • nikata

    Just updated to the last version of 2010s 2010 build 131,vary stable.it’s the most stable version after 11.7.46.I will try the 2011 version once they released the build ones.

  • bolin

    Avant browser has released three core browser last week.it is better than I expect. Waiting the build version of avant.