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  • millit

    What about Hot Copy Paste http://windowsclipboard.com/ ?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/ilovefreesw ilovefreesw

      @millit: this is not free

  • SilversleevesX

    I’d like to add two more adjectives to your mild but very well-deserved diss of the Windows clipboard: unreliable and crash-prone. Okay so I’m running Windows XP Pro SP3, which, despite rumors to the contrary, never really did make it beyond BC4 (or was it 5 — single-digit snapshot builds leave me cold and confused. *G* ). I’ve had it happen that when in the middle of cross-coding two scripts for Cygwin, or pasting a pic from a browser to an image editor, that clipsrv.exe will just fade. It’ll stay in the Processes tab of the native Task Manager, but simply refuse to work. It takes a full reboot to get it started again, and by that time one has likely found something else to distract themselves with.

    As I used to say at one job where I had Mac OS 9.04 and Windows 98 2d on two separate machines on the same desk, “Nice try, Bill!”