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StayFocusd Chrome Extension
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StayFocusd is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you manage time you spent on different websites. Download StayFocusd Chrome extension.

Flixster Movies Chrome Extension
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Flixster Movies Chrome Extension brings data from Flixster to Chrome to check movie listings, movie reviews in Chrome. Download Flixster Movies Chrome Extension.

DayHiker Chrome Extension
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DayHiker Extension for Google Chrome is a free extension to check Google Calendar, appointments, and other information from Google Chrome. Download DayHiker Extension for Google Chrome.

Aviary Screen Capture Chrome
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Aviary Screen Capture is another useful extension for Google Chrome that allows one to take screenshots of his/her favorite websites. With Aviary Screen Capture Chrome Extension you can take screenshots of the visible part of any webpage you want.

Awesome Screenshot
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Awesome Screenshot takes the popular concept of taking screenshots to a whole new level. This extension to Google chrome allows you to capture an entire page in a single picture of just a small part of the page of your own choosing.